50 Things for 2011

So here is my (almost)* complete list of 50 things I want to accomplish in 2011.

*The reason I say almost is because there are a few that are a secret and I did not want to put them on the internet! :)

If it's crossed out it's been completed!
  1. Plant an herb garden
  2. Run a 10k
  3. Implement Meat Free Mondays {for the most part} 
  4. Volunteer at least once a month
  5. Try out a new recipe every week 
  6. Go to the gym at least four times a week {only didn't comply during exam periods} 
  7. Get down to XX kgs {0.9 Kgs short!}
  8. Buy one piece of clothing for myself each month
  9. Buy one accessory for myself each month
  10. Surprise Jurgen with something nice each week
  11. Visit a country that is not the US, South Africa or Namibia
  12. Read at least five books for pleasure (3/5)
    • Notes From A Small Island by Bill Bryson
    • The Last Lecture by Paul Pausch
    • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  13. Finish my first year of post grad with all distinctions
  14. Paint my flat
  15. Join some sort of group in Jo'burg (e.g. jogging)
  16. Participate in a few Cooking Classes (0/4)
  17. Send all close family and friends a post card (3/12)
  18. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch
  19. Save at least RXXX.XX per month
  20. Have over R XXX.XX in my account at the end of each month
  21. Make 3 new friends in Jo'burg (3/3)
  22. Surpise someone with homemade cookies
  23. Take a vacation by myself (even if it's just one night)
  24. Send someone flowers just because
  25. Decorate my work desk to make it more happy and inviting :)
  26. Make a candlelit dinner
  27. Write in this blog at least twice a week {definitely missed this one by a mile!}
  28. Keep in touch with family & friends more
  29. Buy a new cocktail dress
  30. Find the perfect bikini
  31. Make my SAS blog into a hard cover book
  32. Go somewhere I haven't been in Jo'burg each month (8/12)
  33. Visit Vilakazi St in Soweto
  34. Wear some piece of jewelery every day
  35. Learn to play chess
  36. Go see a show or play (U2 & Coldplay)
  37. Watch a foreign film
  38. Find the perfect restaurant/cafe to study in
  39. Visit three museums (0/3)
  40. Teach myself SPSS (stats program)
  41. Attend an Industrial Psychology Conference or Gathering
  42. Buy a pet fish :)
  43. Read a Charles Dickens Novel {in the middle of Great Expectations now}
  44. Participate in a Yoga or Pilates class once a month
  45. Attend a Blue Bulls Rugby game
  46. Drink at least a bottle of water everyday {epic fail on this last one}
Wish me luck!