07 May 2014

{Greece}: The Island of Milos

Truth be told, Milos just sort of fell into our laps.  We knew we wanted to visit Sifnos and Milos happened to be situated along the same ferry route.  Then, I read somewhere that Milos is often likened to what Santorini was twenty years ago; all the beauty, but a fraction of the crowds. And with that, I booked us into an adorable seaside villa in Pollonia and our Greek Island itinerary was complete. 

It was all pretty impulsive, really.

During our stay in Athens, a number of locals expressed genuine curiosity in our choice of islands. "What made you decide on Milos and Sifnos?", they'd ask with a perplexed look on their face, followed by, "I think you made a really good decision."  In terms of Milos, Athenians consistently agreed that the island was home to the country's best beaches… 

... A secret they hoped to keep hidden from the lure of tourism for as long as possible.

After a few short days of beach hopping on the back of a scooter {and one near death experience… side-eye Jurgen…}, we had to concur with their proposition.  It's hard to even imagine that places like Milos legitimately exist outside the realm of pinterest.  While Milos lacked the intimacy and charm of Sifnos, it's beaches were absolutely breathtaking in a "pinch me this can't be real" sort of way.  If you're into hidden coves, waveless oceans, volcanic rock outlays, never ending cave systems and Greek fishing villages, Milos is your place.

On that note, here are just a few Milos beaches that get a two thumbs up from us…


The resounding favorite of the Greeks and one of our favorites too.  The surrounding outlays are composed of white volcanic rock giving the whole area a 'lunar' feel and the water is virtually waveless.  There's also a ton of unmarked caves in the area rumoured to have once been frequented by pirates.


Fyriplaka easily wins the award for the most perfectly turquoise water and the beach is also equipped with loungers, waiters and a functioning bar.  We arrived mid-afternoon and had to scavenge around a bit before finding an open umbrella so plan to arrive early.  You can also rent snorkel equipment here.


Tsigrado takes the cake as the most idyllic beach I've ever set foot on.  Better yet, it's so hidden away that Jurgen and I were the only ones there.  We really and truly had our own private beach for a couple of short hours.  Be warned though, it's a bit tricky to get there and the trek down requires the use of ropes and a ladder.  Without singling anyone out, I'll admit that one of us broke down in tears at one point.  Fine, it was me.  But, once my feet were safely on the sand I could easily agree that the trauma was well worth it.
Tsigrado is officially a little piece of heaven on earth.


Fyropotamos is ridiculously photogenic and epitomises what I think of when I think quintessential Greek fishing village.  While we didn't make it to the beach, we did spend a good hour or so on the pier soaking in the scene in front of us and wondering how one would hypothetically go about purchasing a seaside property in the area.  Apparently, a handful of fisherman still live here permanently.  Lucky fish.

Milos Catacombs

Ok, so this isn't a beach, but it is really fascinating and definitely worth a visit.  The catacombs date back to between the 1st and 5th century and may be even older than the catacombs of Rome.  It's thought that some of the earliest Christians used these catacombs not only as a place to bury their dead, but also as a safe haven for worship in an effort to avoid widespread persecution.  The catacombs are open Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 - 2:00 and tickets are €3.  This was easily one of the highlights of our entire time in Greece.

By the numbers:

We stayed at Tania Milos in Pollonia {and loved it} for 110 euros per night.
The most delicious homemade breakfast spread was included in the above rate.
We ate plenty of pastitsio, seafood pasta and greek salads.  A typical meal cost between 10 & 15 euros.
Oh, and the nutella waffle bites at Aggeliki in Adamas were heaven on a plate.
We got around on the back of a scooter at a cost of 15 euros per day.
Our Milos highlight? Sunset on the beach at Tsigrado.
Our Milos "must-see"? The catacombs in Trypiti.

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  1. I want to take a trip to Greece in the next five years so these suggestions are incredibly appreciated. I'll make sure not to tell anyone else about them though. Need to make sure they stay so special :)

  2. GORGEOUS! i need to go back to greece! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Holy Cow. Talk about island eye candy!! I would give anything to switch places with you--it's 40 degrees and it's May. So rude! But I'm getting lost in your gorgeous photos, which almost makes up for the awful weather in my area :)

  4. AMAZING! I am dreaming of Greece!

  5. Oh no! You're about the fourth person this month who's gushed over Milos and it's getting hard to ignore!

  6. I absolutely love Greece, such a beautiful country!

  7. This looks fantastic! It is definitely making the must see list for Greece. Hopefully next year! :)


  8. Stunning. My brother visited there whilst studying abroad in Austria.

  9. Greece is my dream vacation! Your pics are gorgeous!

  10. Wow, your photos are amazing! I love Greece, for me it is definitely the most beautiful country in Europe! You've made me want to go there again ;)

    I write a blog about travelling and about my life as an expat in Spain, it would be awesome if you could go have a look at it and leave me your opinion :D Thanks!


  11. Uhm, I want to go here. This looks heavenly. My kind of way to spend vacation. Thanks for sharing and for the tips!

  12. Oh now I want to go on holiday!

  13. those pictures are gorgeous! I'm planning a trip to Greece (probably an island or two) with some girlfriend and this is super interesting and helpful! :)

  14. Oh my goodness, absolutely gorgeous!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  15. Such a gorgeous place! Sarakiniko looks like such a unique place - as if it's been taken straight out of another world! :)

  16. I'm so happy to have found your blog. I live in Cape Town, but before I moved here I lived in Joburg for 8 years. I have this opinion that people always want to wander the world, but they forget that their own country/city is fascinating, too, so it's great to stumble across your blog and read about my own country (and former city) from an expat's point of view.

    Also - I'm going to Greece in September and this post made me way more excited than is probably healthy ;)

  17. ALSO - Just been looking at Semester at Sea's website and I've been obsessing over it for the last hour or so. It's SO expensive though - my goodness!

  18. Yep, feeling the jealousy right about nowwwwww.

    Which island was your favorite?

    <3 Daryl

  19. A friend and I just decided we want to try to go in September! Absolutely loving these posts you have put together. There are so many islands to choose from, I'm feeling a bit stunned by it all. But Milos looks STUNNING. Hope all is well Jenna! xx

  20. your travels are making me dream. this is beautiful. your photography is so, so good. :)
    loving your blog! ciao from your 690th follower, woo!


  21. Great pics!
    We loved the island of Milos as well..infact, we liked it more than Santorini!


  22. dreamy place.. isn't the catacombs scary?


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  24. Such an amazing informative post! I never really heard much about Milos but it sounds great! I just got back from Santorini... maybe next time :)

    I also wanted to tell you that I included a link to your post about Atlantis Books in my latest article about Santorini, which you can find here http://www.girlvsglobe.com/2014/07/10-reasons-why-you-should-visit-santorini-greece.html :)

  25. Not a post about Atlantis Books of course, sorry - this very post! Silly me.

  26. AMAZING. If technology would permit I would jump into your photos right now.


  27. Thanks Jenna. We are traveling to Milo's, signpost and santorini in August. What's been happening I'm missing your posts?

  28. Hi, Kim here. What is the travel time from Piraeus to Milos? Do u recommend it for a one or two nite visit? Can we get to hotel, dining, nice beach witbout renting a car or scooter?

    1. Yes you can, but 1-2 nights in Milos only? You'd be doing yourself a huge disfavor.

  29. Great article about my native island of Milos! I gather you haven't even been to Kleftiko, Paliochori, Pollonia, or the Ancient Marble Theater. :)



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