01 August 2013

{Hentiesbaai}: A Fisherman's Paradise

As many of you know, 
Jurg and I toured through Namibia for a month during this past December and January.
If you're new around these parts, you can catch up here.

Fisherman's Guesthouse in Hentiesbaai, Namibia

From Sossusvlei, Jurg and I hopped in the bakkie {truck} and headed north towards the coast.  After multiple days in 100+ degree heat, we were more than ready for some time next to the beach.  As we cruised into the small fishing town of Hentiesbaai {Henties Bay}, Jurgen was actually giddy with excitement.  This was the destination that he was most looking forward to on the trip and he had insisted that we spend a full week in what seemed to be a pretty desolate and barren little town to me.  But, this is where Jurgen spent his summers as a boy growing up in Namibia and many of his favorite childhood memories happened here, fishing with friends and family along the coast.  As he eagerly pointed out all of his old favorite restaurants and fishing spots, I knew we had made the right decision when we booked six nights at Fisherman's Guesthouse.

I was immediately drawn to Fisherman's Guesthouse while doing research for the trip due to their extremely reasonable prices and all inclusive packages.  Louis, the owner, is an expert fisherman and offers fishing tours for an added fee with all transport, tackle and gear included.  This meant that we didn't have to lug all of Jurg's fishing equipment along with us on the trip, which was a huge advantage.  Louis is also a professional chef, and along with his wife Anneke, they offer the most incredibly fresh and delicious seafood meals at the guesthouse each evening at a very affordable rate.  We were sold.

As we walked through the common room after checking-in, there were guests sitting around the bar playing board games and chatting as though they were life-long friends.  We were quickly welcomed into the mix as Louis thrust two ice-cold ciders into our hands and the group started asking us where we were from and what had brought us all the way to Henties.  Then, Louis and Anneke's little pup Rocket came bolting around the corner and a few seconds later Anneke walked into the room with her baby daughter Julie on her hip.  Cuteness overload I tell you.  The accommodation Gods had looked favourably upon us.  I don't think we've ever experienced such a lively, inclusive, family feel at a guesthouse before.

That evening we sat down to one of the most incredible fish dinners I've ever had, arranged to go out fishing with Louis early the following morning and then crashed into our beds, fat and happy.  This pattern repeated itself over the next six days: fish, drink, shower, eat, mingle, drink, sleep, repeat.  That was pretty much our routine.  And we loved every minute of it.

Fisherman's Guesthouse in Hentiesbaai, Namibia

In the morning we were up before the sun and ready for a full day of fishing.  Louis rigged us up with two fishing poles, sack lunches and the promise of the best fishing spots in all of Henties.  As we drove away from town and towards the infamous Skeleton Coast, we quickly transitioned from tar to sand and before we knew it we were sliding up and down sand dunes in search of the perfect place to cast our lines.  Along the way we passed several shipwrecks {it isn't called the Skeleton Coast for nothing} and in the distance you could see jackals scavenging along the shoreline hoping for a stray seal.  

Eventually, Louis would stop the car and we would hop out and cast our lines.  Despite it being a poor time for fishing, we had several bites and were lucky to reel in a few good ones.  I even caught my first ocean fish!  Once one spot would dry up, we'd hop back in the car and head to the next, until we all decided that it was time to call it a day.  And that's how it went for the rest of the week.  

A fisherman's definition of paradise.

Beach fishing along the Skeleton Coast
Shipwreck along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia
Old shipwreck off the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Jurg and I place a lot of value on our accommodation when we travel because we feel like it's something that can make or break a trip.  Fisherman's Guesthouse was proof that there is some method to our madness.  Since we booked everything through the guesthouse, it was central to that entire portion of our time in Namibia and we really lucked out in this regard.  It's also proof that incredible accommodation doesn't need to be expensive.  So long as the rooms are clean and there is good service, mid-range accommodation can provide for the best atmosphere and overall experience.  We would without a doubt recommend Fisherman's Guesthouse to anyone passing through Hentiesbaai and will certainly be heading back ourselves the next chance we get.  Particularly for those interested in fishing the Skeleton Coast, {in our opinion} there is no better option.

By the numbers:

Rates: R448 {$45} per person per night
Breakfast: Included in the above rate
Dinner: R95 - R150 {$9 - $15} per person
Fishing: R1,150 {$116} per person 
{includes transport, permits, guiding, lunch, and all fishing gear}

For more information see their website here.


  1. Those are some long fishing poles!

    And I totally agree - accommodation is important and it can occasionally make or break a trip. I can't get over how reasonable the costs in Namibia - or perhaps I've been living in the world's most expensive countries for too long ;-)

  2. Wow! This sounds like the perfect adventure... and the prices??? mind blown!!!

  3. That sounds like an absolutely incredible week. I'm not even that big of a fishing fan, but it sounds absolutely great to just kick back and spend a week on the beach trying to reel in the big one.

  4. Ummm that 2nd to last pic is beyond amazing wow!

  5. I love your Namibia photos! We stayed at Wlotzkesbaken (i think that's how it is spelt) and the accommodation wasn't nearly as awesome as this
    Great pics!

  6. Oh crazy!! That half sunk fishboat looks unreal!

  7. These are absolutely beautiful pictures. I've always wanted to visit Namibia and now I'm convinced to do so sooner than later. It's a shame I lived in Ghana for over 15 years and the only other African country I've visited in my lifetime is Tunisia:(

  8. the yellow color of the building is gorgeous!

  9. I love going fishing on trips - such a fun way to experience the coast and local cuisine! What a great rate at those hotel too, super find. And that shipwreck, holy moly!

  10. Wow, what an amazing experience and great photos.

  11. This looks like an awesome experience! I've never been fishing before :)

    x Natalie

  12. I'm so glad you're back in blogging land! :) I missed reading about your African adventures! I hope your Master Program is going well, too! :)
    Your guest house really seems to be such a good value! That's something that's very important for me in travel as well, so I understand you so-called "madness" ;)


  13. I love these pictures! What an awesome experience, I'd love to do this.


  14. I am so happy that you are posting blogs again. Your pictures are absolutely stunning and you do such a wonderful job describing the setting, places, attractions, etc. I am beginning to think that I need to add South Africa and Namibia unto my travel list.


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