07 February 2013

{Scenes from the Farm}

Hello everyone!

I'm dropping in today to share a few more photos from our time spent on the farm.  

This trip we were lucky to join Jurgen's uncle on several farm drives and from the back of the bakkie {truck} we enjoyed admiring the puffy white clouds, laughing at the exceedingly stubborn livestock, and pointing out the occasional antelope or warthog in the distance.  Taken together, the entire setting is somewhat surreal and the distinct beauty of the Kalahari desert is something unique to anything else I've ever witnessed.  

And the sunsets... oh my word, the sunsets are something out of this world!  As the afternoon thunderstorms roll in and the sun begins to dip out of sight, the sky becomes a vivid scarlet color and flashes of lightning and pockets of rain clutter the horizon.  You can't help but to freeze and just enjoy the present moment.  

It's incredible.

I never used to be one for deserts, but I think it's safe to say that Namibia has officially converted me.

Yep.  It most definitely has.

{Next up: Sossusvlei!}


  1. I think deserts are so insanely beautiful.

    Curious, have you adopted terms like bakkie (which I love)? After living in Malta for a few years I find myself using the British words for things like pram, boot, chips, etc. My Canadian friends and family make fun of me (I get some Madonna jokes), but I didn't intentionally switch my vocabulary, it just sort of happened!

  2. I could look at these pictures all day. I miss Namibia. Particularly Gobabis.

  3. These photos are just gorgeous Jenna! Every time you post about your trips, I get so jealous. You've definitely convinced me that a trip to Africa needs to happen in my life :) xoxo

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  5. That sunset is unreal. Amazing!

  6. Gosh! I want to go to Africa!!!!!

  7. That is so cool, looks like you had an amazing time!

  8. that sunset is absolutely gorgeous and i can just imagine the serenity that comes with it. i actually love deserts, i think they are gorgeous and full of color :) also, i love all of jurgen's "american" clothing. henning has a ton of "american" shirts too :)


Thanks for the love!