03 January 2013

{The Other Side of Tokyo} by Amanda

Amanda {from Marshalls Abroad} has to be one of the most beautiful people {inside and out!} I've ever "known".  You can just feel her genuine kind, caring, and loving nature through her blog and her posts radiate natural beauty and the most colorful, fresh, organic cooking imaginable.  Seriously, in the unlikely event that you aren't already drooling over her little piece of the internet, you are missing out!  She and her husband Cam are currently living in Japan {!!!} and today she's posting about a recent trip they took to Tokyo.  Thank you so much for guest posting today Amanda!

Before going to Tokyo, I imagined it all looked like the Shinjuku district -- crowded, skyscrapers, traffic everywhere. But I'm happy to show you a different side of the city, in my favorite district of Azabu, where charming cafe-lined streets, small businesses, kind people, beautiful gardens, awesome cups of coffee and darling shops and homes are the main attraction. Here, you can sit at a sidewalk cafe with a cappuccino in hand, and watch with jaw on the floor at the ferraris, BMWs, Mercedes and Aston Martins rolling by. It's such a lovely part of the city packed with amazing restaurants, wine shops and bakeries, and definitely worth a visit if you make it to the city.

Thanks for having me on your beautiful blog, Jenna! And thanks to all of you for taking a trip back to Tokyo with me!

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Visit her blog here!


  1. I love Amanda's blog and yours....Hope you are enjoying your trip through Namibia!

  2. Wow, it's great seeing the different sides of Tokyo and that it's not all just a huge city. xo, Maria

  3. these are gorgeous photos of tokyo! i would love to visit someday.

  4. Aww Jenna you are so sweet. THANK YOU!! I hope you're having a blast so far on your trip!

  5. Two amazing bloggers unite! Loved the post, would be great a great visit one day (adding to bucket list).

  6. These are beautiful pictures! Tokyo looks amazing.



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