17 January 2013

Notes from the Road v.3

Hello all!

I'm back with a third edition of Notes from the Road today - and I must say that I'm quite chuffed that I've been able to keep up with them so well in a country where internet is hard to come by.  It hasn't been easy, but it's been such fun sharing the trip via instagram along with little thoughts and tid bits picked up along the way.

Fisherman's Guesthouse in Hentiesbaai - love the yellow! // Colorful little braai {bbq} places along the main beach in Henties // Rocket! Aka the most adorable little puppy you ever did see - and the guesthouse mascot! // Traditional South African braai

Fishing on the coast of Namibia // I caught something! // Me and my new best buddy // Lots of Rummikub competitions in the evenings at the guesthouse

Quite the random and unsettling sight along the coast in Henties // One of the many wrecks littered along the Skeleton Coast, just north of Henties // The small and quirky German fishing town of Wlotzkasbaken - they still have no running water which explains the water towers attached to each property // Another shot of a colorful house in Wlotzkasbaken

We made it to Swakop! - the famous Lighthouse is a landmark in the city // Date night at 22 Degrees restaurant situated in the lighthouse building itself // The cute little breakfast nook at our B&B {Sandfield's Guesthouse} in Swakop // Delicious German breakfast from Cafe Treffe in Swakop

Another date night at the Cinema - only two movies to choose from! // Quick trip to the little aquarium in Swakop // Jurgen hassling with the vendors along the main strip // A quick pretzel stop at Brauhaus - if I didn't know better I'd guess we were in Germany! 

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After a stunning, but sweltering few days down south in Sossusvlei, Jurg and I were both happy to be heading west to the coast of Namibia where the temperatures decreased significantly and we were actually able to put our jackets and long pants to good use.  We headed to Hentiesbaai {Henties Bay} first, for a few days of old fashioned fishing along the coast and enjoyed some delicious seafood in the evenings.  We booked ourselves in for the week at Fisherman's Guesthouse {which we strongly recommend!} and immediately fell head over heels in love with the most adorable little puppy {Rocket!} and the owner's sweet baby girl Julie.  At the end of our stay Anneke {Julie's Mom} actually wanted to check my purse to make sure that I wasn't trying to sneak away with her pup.  This time of the year wasn't the best for fish in terms of ocean conditions, but we still got lucky with a few bites and had a great time just lounging on the beach.  We also enjoyed checking out some of the many ship wrecks along the Skeleton Coast and took a short trip up north to visit the cape seal colony one morning - very interesting {and smelly} history.  So smelly that I didn't think to capture the whole experience on instagram! ;)

After a week in Henties we headed down the coast to the little German town of Swakopmund.  This was my third time visiting this quaint coastal city and I must say that each time I return I love it more and more.  It's so completely and utterly German {Namibia was a former German colony} that one could easily forget they were in Africa and the small colorful buildings and numerous sidewalk cafes make it the perfect place to spend a long weekend, or even a week or month for that matter.  We stayed at the cozy Sandfield's Guesthouse and spent our time walking along the pier, visiting the aquarium {which is only one room!}, eating lots of traditional German brotchens, going for a movie, and even spending one afternoon quad biking in the desert.  It was the perfect place to break up the middle of our trip.

As for now - we're soaking up the last few days of our trip in Etosha National Park and are finding it pretty hard to believe that soon we'll be headed back to normal life and the real world.  I'll {hopefully} be back on Sunday with one last edition of Notes from the Road and then it's on to facing 2013 and it's biggest challenge - tackling Master's!

- - - - -

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  1. Thanks for this, now I am craving rohuck (sp) from Cafe Treffe in Swakop.
    Had a brilliant New Years at Wlotzke's years ago....

    Well done on keeping the posts up!

  2. I've been loving following along with your trip on Instagram -I've had to exhibit a lot of self control to not go ahead and "like' ALL your pictures! Looks like an amazing trip! xo

  3. As always, loving the Pics! Especially the one of you in that car thing! xxx

  4. I can't believe you were able to resist sneaking off with Rocket! He is just too precious!

  5. Aww Rocket is the cutest! I would have tried to sneak off with him in my purse :)

  6. This is really great! I've never really been exposed to very much in/near Namibia! It is ALWAYS fun to see another way of life!

  7. been loving the pictures you've posted on facebook!! you guys go to the coolest places!


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