16 December 2012

{Midday Mojitos and Bubbly at The Grand Beach Cafe}

On our first morning in Cape Town, we planned to meet up with Jurg's mom in the city.  In an effort to branch out and try something new {we tend to stick to our tried and tested favorites in CT}, we decided to head over to The Grand Beach Cafe for cocktails and a light lunch.  Unfortunately, all of their tables were fully booked, but wow {!!!}, am I glad that we decided to lounge at their bar for a bit and take in the beyond gorgeous setting and live band, while sipping on bubbly and mojitos!  The experience was breathtaking and next time we will definitely be booking in advance so that we can enjoy their lovely menu as well.

The Grand Beach Cafe is located off Beach Rd, near the Waterfront and is open daily from 9am till late.  They specialise in thin-crusted pizzas and seafood and menu items are reasonably priced at between R70 - R120 per dish {about $9 - $15}.  For more information and reservations, visit their site here.


  1. This looks like such a cool place! I'd love to visit there someday - I've heard such amazing things about it!

  2. I'd love to hang out at a place like that! This seems like such a relaxed and cool place!

    xx Melanie

  3. seriously? skies that blue? i am clearly living in the wrong country.

    your photos are beautiful!!

  4. I really need to plan another trip to CT!

  5. I need to get to CT ASAP! and CT for real, not the winelands or West Coast.

    Love the pictures!!

  6. Stunning photos Jen! CT is so beautiful and The Grand Cafe is so divine - there is one in Camps Bay too.
    Yummy cocktails and the tastiest pizzas!

  7. That looks like the perfect place to relax with some mojitos. I don't think I'd ever want to leave!


Thanks for the love!