27 December 2012

{Magnificent Mozambique} by Gillian

I'm so excited to have Gillian {from Close Enough} here today kicking off my little guest post series while Jurg and I are off adventuring somewhere in the middle of the desert.  Gillian's actually a real life friend, turned blogger and I can tell you from first hand experience that she's pretty darn awesome.  Truth be told, my life in Jo'burg wouldn't be half as much fun if our paths hadn't crossed.  Today she's here posting about beautiful Mozambique, a country just north of South Africa that's renowned for its pristine beaches, delicious seafood, and world class snorkelling and scuba diving {you can even swim with whale sharks!}. 

Mozambique; raw, fragile, ravaged, vicious, rustic, sweltering, uncivilized.
These are some of the words one could use to describe Mozambique, with it's rugged terrain, impoverished inhabitants and lack of Western comforts. However, if you have ever holidayed in Mozambique, I bet the words you would use would be along the lines of beautiful, magnificent, peaceful, adventurous, friendly, tropical and paradise. 

I truly love Mozambique.
It has a fascinating story of victory, it is right on my doorstep (being South African), it's really affordable and so full of potential. Mozambique has something for everyone, from the crazy 4X4 enthusiast to the delicate city girl who prefers to view the beauty of the ocean from the edge of her swimming pool. Mozambique is definitely worth putting on your bucket list and an ideal honeymoon destination that won't break bank.

I have visited Mozambique twice in my 28 years (shameful, I know). The first was Barra Lodge which was awesome. This little spot of paradise is perfect for those who like a little bit of commercialized civilization and it's fabulous for New Year's eve parties. What's great about it is you can fly in from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg as well. 

The second time I visited Mozambique was Christmas 2009. This time we decided to go extremely rustic, camping in the middle of nowhere, no electricity and no drinking water...place of choice, Paradise Magoo.

We spent approximately 10 days there and I can honestly say it was probably the most relaxing holiday I have ever been on. There isn't much to do besides relax, lie on the beach, swim, snorkel, enjoy a couple of drinks, chill with your friends, take drives and try out the pubs and restaurants. Most of the camping spots have locals that work there and help you get your dishes washed and maintain your campsite so it truly is super relaxing. And the beaches, in their loneliness, are exquisite. 

If you are heading to Mozambique, some of the info below may prove helpful:

 Pack a hat, lots of sunscreen, mosquito repellent and something for shade!
Mozambique is a malaria area so you will need to look into taking malaria pills.
Bribery is rife in Mozambique, be prepared for it.
The poverty and war damage is ever present, it pulls on your heart strings.
Some roads are full of potholes and some areas require you to travel through beach sand; you may need a 4X4 or at least a truck with difflock - do your homework when it comes to your route.
It's best to do the journey in convoy for safety's sake.
Waits at the border posts can be long, be patient, most of the time the crossover is uneventful and unproblematic.
Take your own drinking water if needed and OVERESTIMATE how much you will drink, it is super hot in Mozambique.
A first aid kit is a must, and look after yourself, you don't want to end up in a local hospital.
Most of all, plan to RELAX and ENJOY!

For futher information and assistance in planning your journey, check out Mozambique Tourism

* Some of these photos were taken my yours truly, others were borrowed from friends

The place we called home for 10 days Paradise Magoo

Contrasting landscapes

Just look at that sea!
A little bit of shopping
One of the regular sunsets

A great time was had by all!

Thanks so much for posting today Gillian - visit her blog here.


  1. We probably could have moved to Mozambique after Gabon had we pushed for it but we were ready for a break. It does look like the perfect place to visit though! The beaches look beautiful!

  2. I could sit and look through your photos all day...but I have work :(

  3. Oooh I still want to go to Mozam one day!
    My friend and her hubby was there December for their honeymoon and they LOVED it!


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