12 December 2012

{Cape Town}: A Boutique Hotel + The Company Gardens

We're back in Jo'burg after one of the most beautiful long weekends in Cape Town!  We really lucked out in the weather department and enjoyed mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures.  Highlights included a morning jog along the ocean, dinner at Buena Vista Social Cafe, drinks at the V&A Waterfront, lunch at Sevruga with Jurgen's mom, a drive along the scenic Chapman's Peak Route, and midday mojitos at The Grand Beach Cafe.  More to come on the last two later!  Overall, it was such a wonderfully busy weekend and Jurg and I found ourselves dragging our feet when it came time to finally head back to the airport.  I think it's safe to say that Cape Town tends to have that effect on most of its visitors :)

Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel - best location at an affordable price.

During our time in the city we had the opportunity to partner with Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel and enjoyed such a lovely stay with them {as always}.  Since discovering the hotel last year, they have become our go-to Cape Town accommodation as they are competitively priced, offer some of the best views of the city, and are centrally located just across from the renowned Company Gardens.  We especially love the personal, friendly, 'boutique' feel of the hotel and are continuously impressed by the attention to detail and professionalism of the staff. 

Overall, we recommend staying with them one hundred times over! 
{Just look at that view!} 

Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel is centrally located at 88 Queen Victoria St just across from the Planetarium and is within walking distance of the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain, and the ever trendy Long Street.  Rates start at R800 per standard city-facing room per night {about $92} and R1,125 per mountain-facing room per night {about $130}.  This rate is based on double occupancy and includes breakfast daily at their restaurant.  For an additional R75 per night {approx. $9} the hotel will valet your car for you and ensure safe and secure parking {we always opt for this option}.  For more information and online bookings visit their website here.

Below are some photos I snapped during a morning walk Jurg and I took through the Company Gardens just across the road from the hotel.  These gardens have existed since the 1650's and were planted by the Cape's first settlers arriving from The Netherlands - it's amazing that they've been maintained so well, let alone that they're still in existence today!  Several historical buildings line the walkways within the gardens and there's even a little cafe hidden away amongst the trees.  I have to agree with Jay when she says that there's something so magical and idyllic about beautiful parks in the middle of big cities.

Company Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa

Sigh.... already dreaming of our next visit...


  1. Cape Town looks gorgeous!! I need to get to South Africa ASAP. Love the squirrels too :)

  2. Seems like you guys had a blast! Love the photo's!

  3. Cape Town Hollow Boutique looks lovely! I am so staying there when I ever get to Cape Town. The view is definitely worth it. Oh and I just love your little squirrel friend!

  4. Cape Town looks like a great place! I will definitely keep this hotel in mind should I ever travel to South Africa! (And I definitely hope I will someday!)

    xx Melanie

  5. I want to go!!! Weather looks pretty amazing. And midday mojitos sound perfect right now.

  6. how beautiful is this?? love! your blog is beyond darling, and we are your new followers!
    xo chaseandem.blogspot.com
    come enter our giveaway here!!

  7. wow cape town is so gorgeous! thanks for sharing the photos. whenever i return from a trip, i am already planning my next one!

  8. oh Jenna, it's wonderful you both made the trip back and got to relive some of those 1st moments again!! what fun and good gosh, the photos are phenomenal. the sunny skies sure did make themselves known for you guys, how awesome!

    the hotel view is something i think would bring me to tears....of extreme happiness. so beautiful and i can tell you treasured your stay there. here's hoping you get to go back again real soon too!

    thanks for the visit sweetness, happy mid-week wishes. ♥

  9. ah how amazing! your photos are stunning and make me want to jump on the next plane to cape town! x

  10. wow....so pretty....and omg that squirrel picture is so hilarious!


  11. I loved Cape Town! I also stayed near the company gardens and went for a walk there most mornings! And Chapmans Peak? Breathtaking!!

  12. Oooh how amazing it looks! So jealous, every since I saw a video by boy band "Blue" shot in Cape Town I've been wanting to go there! :)

    xo L

  13. Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to jump on a plane right now!

  14. Could that place be anymore charming? I doubt it. I mean, look at that squirrel for heaven sake!

  15. Looks so lovely! So glad that you've shared this. Added to my list of dream places :)

  16. I can realky see why you're dreaming about your next visit :) It looks wonderful!

  17. I have wanted to visit Cape Town ever since Zac Sunderland stopped there on his sailing trip around the world. But I didn't know its history, that it was so old and beautiful. It looks amazing! Plus, just the name 'boutique hotel' sounds luxurious. :)

  18. what kind of camera do you use???? im serious.

    i normally hate all things rodent, but i would adopt that squirrel :)

    glad you had a great trip!


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