01 October 2012

{Wedding Update} + {Life in General}

Hello loves!

Before I delve into the last of the California and New York re-caps, I thought a simple life update was in order.  A lot has happened in the last couple of months and I feel that in the midst of everything I've lost a bit of continuity on the blog.  From this point forward I'm hoping to get back into somewhat of a regular routine with my posts as there is so much that I want to share on here and if I could just find the time {isn't time always the problem!?} I have a lot of exciting ideas bouncing around in my head regarding the future of this little blog of mine.  If only I could quit my job and become a full-time blogger and traveller, right!?  Right!?

First things first, as most of you know Jurgen and I got engaged in August {yay!} and I'm just starting to delve into all the fun and challenge surrounding planning an international wedding.  Many of you have asked about details, but to be honest we aren't really certain of much yet.  As we start the actual planning process I'll definitely be posting updates!  So far we know that we want to get married in December 2013 in South Africa {December is a summer month in SA}.

I definitely considered having the wedding in California, but decided against it when I imagined trying to plan the whole thing from half-way across the world.  Additionally, Jurgen and I met here in South Africa and all of our mutual friends are here, so it just feels right in a sense.  That being said, we will also be having a Reception in California about six months after the wedding for all American friends and family that aren't able to make it to South Africa for the actual wedding.

I'm actually really looking forward to all of the different possibilities surrounding planning a second reception and I absolutely can't wait to incorporate both of our cultures into the wedding itself!  Mixing two languages and backgrounds into the ceremony, programme, favors, and music is going so much fun and such a reflection of who we are as a couple :)

To anyone who has or is in the process of planning an international or multi-cultural wedding, any tips, advice, and recommendations are much appreciated!

In other news, I've just finished submitting all my Master's applications, and it definitely feels good having all of that admin and paperwork off my chest.  Now it's just the waiting game!  I applied to four Universities in total {all in South Africa}, two being in the Cape Town area and two being in the Johannesburg area.  I should only start hearing back regarding admission decisions around the end of November, so if you can squeeze in a little prayer for me or send good vibes my way it would be much appreciated!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!

{California & New York re-caps to come next!}


  1. Sending many positive thoughts your way! When do you expect to hear back from the universities?

  2. Hi there, it's so nice to know about your wedding. Beach wedding is so nice and romantic and it's also unique. I would like to congratulate you both and good luck to your wedding and excited to see your photos at your wedding day.

  3. Eeeeeeeeek, Jen!! i am so excited for you both - wedding plan begins :) So excited to follow and share in this journey with you!

    Sending you special thoughts and prayers too pretty lady x

  4. And to think, most brides go all bridezilla from just organising a normal wedding. You have your work cut out for you :)

    Shout if you need anything!!

  5. I definitely understand why you would want to have your wedding in South Africa. I can't really imagine it any other way, actually :) So glad you made the right decision for you, and good luck with the planning! You are more than welcome to email me if you have any questions at all my dear!

    And good luck with your applications. I'll be crossing my fingers for you!


  6. I was surprised how much pushback I got when I told people that we weren't getting married in DC, my hometown, but rather near Jon's family's house in the English countryside - but my reason was the same as yours: our shared life is in England, so it feels natural to celebrate our commitment there even though it breaks with tradition.

    very happy to talk with you more about it if you want :)

    and fingers all crossed for your applications!

  7. Congratulations on your engagement! And good luck with university!

  8. how exciting! i'm looking forward to hearing about all of the wedding planning, especially different traditions in SA.

    sending good thoughts your way on your acceptances to masters programs!!

  9. Congratulations!
    Found your blog over at SFL!

    Your newest follower! :)


  10. Yay! I'm so excited for you! We've been engaged for 3 years, but we haven't done any planning yet (that's how we roll in Sweden). But I'm (or should I say we're?? haha) thinking about a autumn wedding :)

  11. Hi Jenna! As someone who has just got married and had somewhat an international wedding to plan (Wedding in Portugal... Bride living in London... Groom in Mozambique and Guinea) the soundest advice I can give you is plan early and be very organised! It can be nerve wrecking at times, but on the day, time will go by so quickly, try and enjoy it!

  12. that sounds like the perfect plan to host two parties
    um, getting married in south africa?!
    lucky lady!

    xo the egg out west.

  13. Good luck with the planning!
    My Texas friend married a South African. Since they met in Tahoe, they had a small wedding there (the grooms closest friends and parents were able to fly over) and then we made this crazy road trip back to Texas for the big wedding. And a couple of months later, they had a reception in South Africa. It was so much fun and I'm sure yours will be as well!

  14. Oh my god, I can't believe I completely missed that you got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS sweetie! That is wonderful news, so happy for you!! Your wedding is gonna be amazing, I'm actually jealous you get to have one wedding and a reception later on, that will be so fun! :)

    Xo Lisa


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