24 October 2012

{On the Bucket List}: Base Camp, Everest

I've decided to start a {bucket list} series on this little blog of mine, as a way of sharing just a few of the thousands of things that I hope to experience/accomplish/witness within my lifetime.  Not only in an effort to hold myself accountable to follow my own dreams and passions, but also in the hope that it will inspire some of you to do the same.

"Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
Mary Oliver

A couple years ago {two Decembers to be exact}, my Mom introduced me to a Discovery Channel reality series called {Everest: Beyond the Limit} while I was out visiting California.  The show follows the journey of several climbers as they attempt to summit Mt Everest amongst a myriad of obstacles and potentially life-threatening situations.  For many of these people, this is their one chance at fulfilling their life's ambition; for others, they are already on their second or third attempt at reaching the summit.  Having never really known what it takes to summit the tallest mountain on earth, I was immediately intrigued.  I downloaded the previous two seasons and the whole concept and illusion of Everest quickly transformed into somewhat of an {innocent} obsession.

Still, it was intrigue from an outsider's perspective, as I happen to have zero technical climbing skills, am weary of the extensive risks associated with attempting a summit {several people die each year and several dozen lose fingers and limbs to frost bite}, and can't seem to find my way around the minor detail that I don't happen to have $60,000+ lying around to cover the expedition costs.

That was until earlier this year, when a friend casually mentioned that she wanted to join a trekking tour to Base Camp within the next couple of years.  Base Camp is where the official climb to the summit of Everest begins and it's substantially less expensive than joining a summit tour.  The Base Camp trek also doesn't require any technical climbing expertise and the potential health risks are considerably less.  Still, it presents quite the challenge as it requires over two weeks of strenuous hiking at very high altitudes.  And the scenery on the way up is supposed to be unparalleled.  The route weaves through tiny little mountain villages, past huge glacial valleys with rivers winding through them, and even approaches ancient monasteries tucked away into the hills.  And... imagine the atmosphere that must permeate through Base Camp.  People from all over the world, some having already reached their destination, others still preparing to attempt a summit, and still others successfully returning from conquering the highest point in the world.  

Put simply... I must do it.

There are several different companies that host Base Camp treks, but so far REI seems to be my favorite.

Here are some of the tour features:

Length: 19 days

Cost: $ 3,300

Group Size: 2 - 15

Cost Includes: National Park Fees, 4 nights hotel in Kathmandu, meals as noted on the itinerary, Sherpa guides and porters, cooks and commissary crew, tents, foam sleeping pads, community cooking gear, baggage portage, and airport transfers.

Cost Excludes: International air transportation, internal flights in Nepal, certain meals, visas, optional trips, immunizations, insurance, laundry, and alcohol.

Difficulty Rating: Strenuous {5}

So... who else is in?!

My hope is to somehow find the time and money to do this within the next 5 years.

- - - - -

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  1. I think I may have seen an episode or 2 of the series you mention - it was fascinating!

    Two weeks hiking is a bit intense for me but sounds like an amazing thing for your bucket list Jenna!

  2. You'll do it Jenna! I just know you will! And I'll shake my pom poms for you!

  3. I thought that price was amazing until I read what it didn't include! I can't even imagine how much flights cost. Ouch!

    you can do it!


  4. This is crazy! I would do Kilimanjaro, yes!

    But it's something you can look forward too and tell your children someday! Is Jurg going to do it with you?

    You are such an adventurous spirit Jenna!

  5. Oooooh yes! Count me in! This looks incredible! xoxo

  6. It's so funny, prior to reading your post I would have said, "um, no". But now I must confess, you make Base Camp sound awfully tempting (and doable!)

  7. Was just reading the latest post on Jeremy & Kathleen and realized she blogged about their whole trek to base camp at Everest! http://jeremyandkathleen.blogspot.com/p/nepal.html

  8. How fun!! I am totally inspired to do this too!

  9. Such a great challenge to strive for. Good luck!

  10. Once in a lifetime trip for sure, I approve!

  11. Such a great thing to start- a bucket list! My friends just did basecamp and hiked I think for 11 days in Nepal to get there! It sounded AMAZING!

  12. WOW!! You've inspired me! Haha But, seriously--I was looking at a friends climbing trip in South Africa and decided to put that on my bucket list--but this is wayyy cooler! Totally want to do it!!


  13. Love the idea for these bucket list posts Jen - I may join you!! Although I have to say that we are very different with the hiking story - I am not a fan! And not big on the mountain either...

    A great goal for you though! x

  14. That would be such an awesome adventure!


  15. this sounds so amazing - A great bucket list add for sure!

  16. Sounds awesome! Think climbing the actual mountain would be hard, but I could do the base camp part. Might have to copy you and put this on my own bucket list!

  17. Since you've put your dream out there, I'm sure that you will definitely make this happen!

  18. Jenna! 5 years from now we will be too old! We have to go sooner than that, 2013 or 2014! How are you two best travel buddies supposed to meet their future husbands there if we don't go for 5 years!

  19. i have a friend who juuussttt did this. it sounds amazing. def not brave enough for it though. the flight from katmadu to lanea sounds horrific. i would pee my pants... actually not a chance you'd get me on that airplane, i'd rather walk


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