26 October 2012

New York, NY {Part II}

Something just feels right about New York.

I think it may be the fact that there's something for everyone.  The city has character.  One minute you can be walking down 5th Avenue and then the next minute you turn a corner and find yourself amongst old exposed brick buildings littered with graffiti.  One more corner and you're in China Town.  One more and you'll find yourself in boho-chic Soho surrounded by trendy shops and boutiques.  The city seems to have developed a serious case of split-personality, and to be honest, I love it.  

{Idyllic flats in Greenwich Village}
{The infamous Flatiron Building}

Nothing like a little variety to add a bit of spice to life, right!?

Wandering through Greenwich Village {feeling like I could run into Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother at any moment}, I found myself dreaming about owning a little flat in the city for a couple of years.  I think Jurg and I would quickly settle into the New York lifestyle and discover our little cafe, our favorite coffee shop, our go-to market, and our perfect after-work pub.  It would be blissful.

Then, mid-daydream, I was kindly informed that the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village is $8,000.00 - and I'd be lying if I said my growing bubble didn't burst a little bit.

Still, I guess you can never say never right?  But, for now I think I'll just keep dreaming :)

 - - - - -

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  1. when i'm in NY i literally never stop looking up. LOVE that city. But at 8 grand, holllllly cow!

  2. Jon's DYING to live in New York - I feel like a dream-killer because I don't want to live there again! but every time I go back to visit friends and family, I'm a little bit more tempted...

  3. Oh my goodness do I miss New York. I lived there for awhile and I miss all of the happenings! So many amazing places to eat! :)

    xx Lynzy

  4. That's crazy what they pay for rent there!
    But I still want to go explore New York!
    Glad you are also a HIMYM fan!

  5. I spent three months in NY one summer as an undergraduate. It was a fabulous time. And while my husband isn't against the idea of living there, it's just not feasible for the foreseeable…

  6. Great shoots Jenna, I lived in Ny for a while and I have been there after that I'm completely in love with the city, let's see if we win the lottery soon and we can stop day-dreaming and go to live there,
    Ps Also love HIMYM!

  7. if I were to ever actually run into Ted and Robin, it would make my life! I've never been to New York, but it's definitely on my list of places that I'm dying to visit. I love looking at pictures of the city and imagining all of the awesome things that are happening unseen.

  8. New York is expensive, but wonderful! That's why I love brooklyn - it's still not cheap but it's a LOT cheaper, and williamsburg is adorable :)

  9. You really captured amazing pictures.

  10. i' haven't been to nyc in so long. when i'm back in the states i plan on traveling a lot more around there. the prices are higher obviously to travel but it will be a breeze speaking the language and knowing what the heck is going on around me haha

  11. I love the love buildings with the fire escape ladders outside, so new york! Wow that rent price is even more expensive than London! :)

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  13. I am so with you on this....love that city. We flew in from NY this morning...spent the most incredible five days there.

  14. I LOVED NY, too. My BF not so much. Too crowded and hectic for him. 8 grand is hard to stomach, though. ouch

  15. They don't call it the Greatest City in the World for nothing! And it comes with the GREATEST price tag! :)


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