05 September 2012

Birthday Burgers at Smashburger

This past Monday was my Mom's actual birthday and she chose to celebrate with a family lunch at Smashburger.  It was my first time visiting the franchise, but it seems as though I may have been the last one to hop on the smashburger wagon since everyone I've spoken to in the states so far seems to already know all about it and love it.  The restaurant has a very fun vibe and burger options range from your traditional cheese, lettuce, and tomato, to more non-traditional options such as Fresh Mex, Avocado Club, and Mushroom Swiss.  You can also opt to build your own burger if you're feeling more on the creative side!

I must say that my first Smashburger experience definitely lived up to the hype.  The burgers were delicious, they offered a variety of different sides, and the prices were affordable.  On the off chance that you haven't heard of Smashburger yet {at this point I feel like I feel like I'm probably preaching to the choir}, they seem to have franchises spanning across the country so there's a good possibility that there's one not too far from your home.  See here for a list of store locations.

Lots of fun menu options!
I opted for the Fresh Mex with sweet potato fries and it was delicious!
Definitely missing my California tan!
My Mom decided on the Mushroom Swiss with onion rings

In other news, happy hump day everyone!  As I type this I'm sitting at my besties desk in San Diego and getting ready to make the three hour trek back up to Ventura County {just waiting out the traffic}.  Last night we enjoyed some of the most delicious sushi I've ever eaten and had fun catching up on all that's happened since December, including my engagement and her adventures in law school.  The rest of the today will be spent writing a paper {ugh} and then this evening my Mom, Robyn {my brother's fiancé}, one of my mom's close friends, and I are heading to the theatre in Thousand Oaks to watch Les Miserables.  Should make for a nice evening!


  1. So I actually haven't eaten here yet...Robert and I went to Whole Foods recently and noticed it, but I had no idea what it was! We'll definitely need to try it soon though.

    Hope you're having a great trip! And definitely let me know how Les Mis is. I wanted to go, but the tickets were so expensive :/


  2. Yum! Those burgers look delicious. And I have never heard of this place either, so you're not alone!

  3. Nom!! This looks crazy delicious, and I'm on a diet. Boo!

    And I wish sweet potato chips were more readily available in SA. PS: did you hear about Woolies? They got their shit cut out for them

  4. I haven't been either but I do miss a good North American hamburger!

  5. awww it's your rocks first visit to the states ;)

    so glad you're getting some fun time in with the family! happy birthday to your mom!

  6. I love Les Mis! I hope it was wonderful :)

    And don't worry, I haven't been to a Smashburger either... confession... I haven't heard of them! Sometimes being an expat makes me feel like an alien.

  7. Happy belated birthday to your mom! You seem like such a lovely family!

    Oh and thanks for your wonderful comments about my wedding pics, can't wait to share more :)

    xo Lisa

  8. That is no off the grill ballpark burger! Yum.

  9. Oh my goodness those burgers look insane!! I love the amount of options and different fries, why can't this exist on the other side of the Atlantic!!
    Also, your mum looks so happy :)
    x x


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