03 September 2012

{50th Birthday} + {Retirement Bash}

So I made it to California and have spent the past couple of days battling through jet lag {hello ten hour time difference} and soaking up the sunshine and warm weather!  I think it's been three years since I last enjoyed a California summer and I must say that they are just as wonderful as I remember.  

So far the itinerary has included Cheesecake Factory {delicious!}, walking my very favorite dog, and jogging along my old high school cross country route.  Pure bliss I tell ya.  Jo'burg has a lot of strong points, but unfortunately outdoor jogging definitely isn't one of them {sorry Jo'burg}.  Truth be told, the only thing missing from this whole scenario is Jurgen {miss you Jurg!}, but I guess someone has to stay behind and earn the dollar bills.  Le sigh.

On Saturday my parents hosted a joint 50th birthday party for my Mom and retirement party for my Dad in our backyard.  I think my Mom officially wins the party thrower extraordinaire award as she successfully planned the whole thing and organised live music,  cute table centre pieces, a dessert table, and a make-your-own-burger station.  I have some big shoes to fill, let me tell you.  Her dessert table {complete with a cupcake corner} was definitely pinterest worthy!

It was great getting to see with so many friends and family and my parents really enjoyed the afternoon and were touched by all of those who stopped by to celebrate with them.  My Mom keeps saying that it felt like her {It's a Wonderful Life} moment!

My brother with his future in-laws! {He's in the stripes and his fiance is wearing the sunglasses}
The birthday girl and one of her best friends! {My Mom's in the navy}
My Dad and all of his work friends. {He's the one with the facial hair, ha!}
Bestie reunion!
My Mom with all of her childhood friends

Thanks so much to all who are reading this and who came!  Hopefully we'll be seeing you all again sooner rather than later :)

- - - - -

The rest of the week will be spent meeting up with friends, celebrating another milestone birthday, eating Mexican food, and trying to get in as much shopping as possible {Camarillo outlets, here I come}.  Then, this weekend we're heading up to the bay area to visit my brother at his university and next Monday my Mom and I are off to New York for a few days before I continue on home to South Africa.  It will be a busy, but incredible next couple of weeks!  I'll continue to pop in when I can :)

Oh yes, and Happy Labor Day!


  1. I love seeing more of your home! So cool.

    Happy birthday to your mommy and good luck to your dad figuring out what he's going to do in his sparetime.

    Hope you have a great stay, it looks like you're loving it :)

  2. You are one busy lady! That party looks so well put together, kudos to your mom! And I can't wait for Saturday! Glad we can make it into your jam packed schedule :)

  3. Being home is the best feeling! I'm so glad you're getting to baske in all that is California! Make sure you're packing in enough trips to Coffee Bean to last ya a while...that's what I missed the most (food and drink-wise) from California when I lived back in NY!

  4. i'm so happy you get to be home to enjoy all of that!

  5. It's nice to see pics of your family :). You look like all of them a little bit, especially your brother. I guess combined genes will do that. Make the most of being home!

  6. Looks like you are having a great time!! Enjoy!!

  7. What an awesome party!!!!!! Happy Birthday to your Mom and enjoy your trip.

  8. It looks like your mom throws a great party!
    Enjoy the Tex-Mex, the shopping, and NYC! :)

  9. Yay for parties and reunions (and nice California sun!) Enjoy your time at home Jenna!

  10. ENJOY every moment at home Jen (loving the big smile on your face!) Well done to your mom for organising such a great party...

  11. THat looks like a fabulous party! Have a great time in Cali!!


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