16 August 2012

Road Trippin

If there's one thing Jurgen and I have in common, it's our mutual love for taking road trips.

Many of our very favorite memories have been spent together on the road, either cruising up the coast of California, or driving with friends across South Africa, or making the long trek up to Jurgen's home country of Namibia, where you can drive for hours and hours without passing another car.  Regardless of the final destination, each trip seems to provide us with a host of unforgettable and often hilarious memories.

We love the anticipation of hopping in the car early in the morning, planning our route, and allowing extra time to stop along the way whenever we see something of interest or somewhere to grab a coffee or a bite to eat.  It makes the journey just as much fun as actually arriving at the destination!

These pictures are from our road trip to Sun City back in June for Jurgen's graduation.  I think it took us about 5 hours for what should have been a short 2 hour trip because we stopped several times along the road.  Jurgen even had his first experience of parking outside of an American-style Diner, ordering his food through the car window, and then waiting for the waitress to bring the food to us in the car.  Truth be told he thought the whole experience was very weird and could not wrap his head around the logic of eating a messy burger in the car when you easily walk a few feet to a table and eat on a hard, sturdy surface.  I, on the other hand, was in absolute heaven.  Pure American laziness at its finest people.  Yes!

Oh South Africa and its crazy hi-jacking areas...
Can you tell he's thrilled from the look on his face?
Random castle on the side of the road... what??
A German Brewery... in the absolute middle of nowhere in South Africa.  Totally logical right?

Looking back on these pictures I think the theme of this road trip would have to be random. 
Extremely random.

Do you prefer driving or flying?  Am I the only one who enjoys driving for hours upon hours without getting bored?  It's quite possible ;)

I thought it would be appropriate to share these pictures since tomorrow we are headed off on another mini-road trip to Bela Bela in celebration of our four and a half year anniversary!  To say I'm excited is the understatement of the century.  Jurgen is spoiling me by taking us here and I cannot wait to spend the weekend going on game drives {aka safaris!}, eating delicious food, and soaking in the hot tub.  Pure paradise!

I'll be back next week with lots and lots of pictures!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


  1. I don't mind a nice drive when I have the time to enjoy it. I prefer to fly if I'm strapped for time and it's going to be a dozen hours of driving!

    Joe & I have been enjoying the road trip luxury now that we're out of Gabon - so much to explore here!

  2. That looks so cool (minus the hi-jack areas)! But I used to think I wasn't really traveling unless I flew somewhere, but i've come to love road trips! You see so much more!

  3. I'm definitely a road tripper! Love road trips! It is another reason I'm looking forward to returning to South Africa, is the potential for some awesome drives :)

    Btw that castle in the middle of nowhere is odd to say the least...

  4. awesome pictures! I love roadtrips, there's nothing like long drives with the windows down a little music, some messy burgers and your loved ones stuck together for a couple hours. I love it!

  5. P.S. that castle looks amazing. I wonder what lies on the other side of that castle and who lives there.

  6. looks lovely! I'm curious, have you ever brought your Jurgen to America?

  7. I enjoy road trips a LOT. As long as I'm not sick. Or overtired.

    Your kind of road trips look like fun though. :) I love his face in that picture!

  8. He doesn't look excited about the burger in the car at all!
    Enjoy your next mini-road trip! :)

  9. You guys should totally look into Geocaching (www.geocaching.com)! We also LOVE road trips and the thrill of looking for hidden treasures along the way just makes it so much better :)

    PS Love you blog!

  10. It looks like you had a wonderful road trip through Africa - stunning photos!

  11. I don't really like to drive, so that's a problem with our roadtrips - we don't go anywhere far because I don't want to drive and my husband just gets to tired driving all by himself. Shame on me! Our longest roadtrip was to Venice.

  12. I'm a road trip fiend. If it's within a six hour drive, I will hands down drive it rather than fly. You get to see so much more, you can blast your favorite driving music, and you have your car upon arrival to get anywhere you want. The countryside in SA looks absolutely stunning.


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