13 July 2012

Uganda {Part IV}: The Outtakes

And just when you thought the Rwanda & Uganda travel recaps were gone.... they're back!

Not really.  The other day I was just browsing through my photos from the trip when I came across these gems: outtakes from some jumping photos we attempted to take in front of the lake.  Note the word attempted.  I had completely forgotten about them and when they were rediscovered I couldn't stop laughing and knew I had to share.

p.s. Have you ever tried taking a group jumping photo using your camera's self-timer?  

Not as easy at it looks my friends, not as easy as it looks.  I can tell you this from experience.  We tried and tried and tried some more, but eventually had to give up.  We were a hopeless cause.  

Luckily, our efforts did however leave us with some very entertaining {and pathetic} photos to look back on and laugh about in the years to come.  We definitely look pretty ridiculous... especially me.  What in the world am I doing in the third photo?  I really have no clue.  I think I was the worst self-timed jumper of us all, truth be told!

After we gave up on the self-timer approach, we finally achieved success with one of us behind the camera.  Still not as easy as it looks {or maybe it's just us, ha!}, but eventually we prevailed! 

Thank you Katie for teaching me to actually bend my legs when I jump rather than just looking like a complete moron and jumping straight up in the air!

On a completely different note, this weekend Jurgen and I are jetting off to Cape Town for a conference and will be gone the whole of next week.  We're looking forward to a healthy mix of work and play and can't wait to re-visit one of our very favorite places in South Africa {the conference is being held at the same University where we first met!}. 

 That being said, it may be little quiet around here over the next week or so, but I'm going to try and post when I can throughout the week from that side {granted I have access to internet}.  When I get back there will definitely be lots of pictures and stories to share :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. Hahahaha! These are so cute!! I love jumping pictures!

  2. I LOVE jumping pictures! I always take tons of them when I go traveling :) and the view of the lake is really beautiful in these pictures!

  3. :) i tried jumping pictures in Ethiopia...i think it is a skill i need to master! love outakes-they should be shown more!

  4. Love the jumping photos! It looks like you nailed a few!

  5. This is so funny!
    And yes, I guess the bending the legs bit helps :)

  6. Jumping out takes are SO FUNNY. Always.

  7. Ha ha amazing! :D Love these, you really do look quite strange in the third one lol! Me and James tried jumping into a pool with self-timer once, it was a disaster! :)

  8. i love jumping pics!! they always look so fun! and i have a friend who always looks like a frog when she jumps! hahah

  9. You all are adorable. Look at that view. AMAZING

  10. That's cute! And I put mine on a ten second thing so that we (all) hopefully jump at the same time, it usually works. :D

  11. You guys are so fun.
    Uganda is beautiful!!


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