11 June 2012

Weekend in Sun City

Last weekend, Jurg and I headed on a mini road trip to Sun City.

We met up with his parents who had flown in from Cape Town and spent the weekend escaping the cold Jo'burg weather and enjoying a change of scenery.  While Sun City was definitely very touristy {it's kind of like South Africa's Vegas}, sometimes touristy is actually pretty nice and I found it refreshing to have literally nothing on the itinerary except relaxing for a change.  We only spent two days there since I was writing an exam on Monday, and enjoyed wandering the grounds, exploring the casinos, and lounging by the pool.  If we had been there longer, we definitely would have booked some of the activities they have to offer such as elephant back safaris, cheetah walks, archery, games drives, etc.  It would be easy to spend a whole week at Sun City and never get bored.

While I'm normally not too into the whole resort thing {I'm more of an "off the beaten path" activity filled kinda girl}, what's great about Sun City is that it's surrounded by Pilanesberg National Park which is well known for housing South Africa's Big 5 {lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and water buffalo}.  This makes it easy to enjoy the best of both worlds and creates a good balance between lounging by the pool and adding some fun and excitement into the mix. 

Jurg and I would definitely like to go back for another long weekend when we get a chance :)

Things I'll never forget about this trip:

-- Jurg pulling on a monkey's tail and it running away, but then turning right back around and howling at him.--

--Holding a newborn {five day old!} baby goat.  Oh my heart be still.--

--Walking around the Ultimate Braai Master competition and getting to taste all of the delicious treats.--

--Laughing as a man demanded that he be able to substitute the chips in his fish and chips for an extra serving of fish.  When the waitress explained that she couldn't substitute fish for chips, he shouted "but I don't want fish and chips, I want fish and fish. Give me a fish and fish!"  It turned into a weekend joke.--

--Constantly swatting away bees.  Seriously, Sun City needs to get on that.--

--Enjoying ice cream by the pool and playing trivia... in between swatting bees.--

--Watching a woman throw her entire sandwich and plate of chips {fries} into the water just to watch all of the catfish swarm in and eat her food.  Not worth it lady.  Not worth it.--

--Spending an all around great weekend catching up with family and eating delicious food.--

- - - - -

How was everyone's weekend?  

We spent ours bundled under blankets {it's freezing here!  Literally!} watching movies and recovering from all of the excitement of Jurg's graduation and his parents being in town last week.  It was so nice to spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing productive for a change :)


  1. Looks like you had great weather in Sun City. (I too am not really into big resort type areas but you're right...sometimes it's nice to be somewhere where everything is at your disposal.)

    My weekend was great - turned 29 and had a fabulous time celebrating with friends. (Although I'm still recuperating today!)

  2. Hello! I just found your blog and I'm so excited to read more. New follower now! South Africa sounds amazing :) Love your blog!
    Lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees

  3. wow, sounds like a really nice weeekend! im like you - i enjoy off the beaten path, but i discovered this year at my first resort that I can totally kick it luxury style too aha. I think I would love this place!

  4. that pool looks so inviting!! and oh the baby goat!

  5. Wow, Sun City looks amazing...your pictures are beautiful! xoxo

  6. HAHAHA! Fish and fish. Thats hilarious! Looks amazing and perfect weather. Also, love the monkey story.
    I had a great weekend. We finally did something "grown up" and left the baby at home while we went to a cousin's engagement party. I cried. LOL!

  7. That picture of you and that baby goat is so so cute!! It looks like so much fun you had. And I laughed out loud at the fish and fish thing!

  8. I don't consider myself a "resort" kind of girl either (particularly since I go to them a lot for work), but every once in a while, it is nice to kick back and just indulge. Glad you had such a great time!

  9. well it may be a resort but you still seem like you did a lot of off the beaten path things. pulling monkey tails and holding goats?! too cool! glad you had fun with jurgen and his parents!

  10. this looks so amazing. it looks so nice and sunny! jealouss! and holding a 5 day old goat - OMG! so cute! x

  11. That looks ahhmazing - as are your photos!

  12. Like I told you on Whatsapp, I am absolutely dying over that bokkie! beeeh

    But, I must say, I don't think I would be able to spend more than one day at Sun City. I usually burn red in the first hour and then the rest of the day is just horrid! And I wear sun screen!

  13. The little goat is so cute :) Your blog looks very interesting! I hope you have a fun time in South Africa and maybe stop by again at my blog :)
    I'd be very happy!


  14. I seriously want your life.
    I want to just hang out with monkeys. Is that weird?

    Also, your man is SO european looking! You say he's half german? What's the rest? Steven honestly looks american, even though he's half German/half Danish.

  15. Haha the ultimate braaimaster competition sounds amazing! We're planning on having a Braai this weekend when we head up North to visit my South African mom, I'm v.excited about it! plus I love Sun City, no trip back to South Africa is complete without us stopping by there - did you go on the slide of courage? it is insane!


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