18 June 2012

Uganda {Part II}: Our Little Island Bungalow

Today I'm happy to be back with another recap post from my trip last month to Rwanda & Uganda

Some of you may have noticed that I took a little hiatus from my travel recap posts since I was worried that if I posted them all in succession I was going to send you all into Rwanda/Uganda overload!  Plus, Jurg and I have had a lot of other exciting and blog worthy things happening in our lives over the past couple of weeks that I wanted to share on here.  But today, I'm finally back on track with another :)

To see {Part I} of my Uganda trip to Lake Bunyonyi see here.

One of the many things that makes Lake Bunyonyi such a beautiful and mesmerizing place to visit is the fact that the lake is speckled with hundreds and hundreds of tiny green islands.  Many of these islands house local villages, schools, and orphanages, but some of them also offer tourists and backpackers a place for rest and relaxation.  We opted to stay on one of the islands rather than along the shore and, based on the recommendation of our boat driver, found ourselves checking in at Byoona Amagara Island Resort.  

We were allocated the most adorable little wooden cottage for three and thoroughly enjoyed our short stay in this tiny paradise.  The food was amazing {it's incredible what they can put together with only a few ingredients!} and we had the coolest solar powered outdoor shower that I've ever seen {I think I showered 3 times in the span of 24 hours!}.  We spent a lot of time lounging in their common area, reading our books, and sipping on fantas straight from the bottle.  Since electricity is limited to solar panels, at night it's very dark - the kind of dark where you can't see your hands when you hold them right in front on your face - so we headed back to our cabin pretty early that evening, lit the candles they provided, and watched movies on Katie's iPad.  The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of apple cinnamon crepes and french toast before heading back to the mainland.

Our adorable little cabin!
Scoping out the inside
Each bed had a mosquito net over it - Uganda has a serious Malaria problem.
Family photo ;)
The "resort's" awesome lounge/common area
It's a proven fact that fantas are even more delicious from a glass bottle.
Last glimpse of daylight over the lake
Only candles at night!
6am view of the lake - stunning!
Complimentary Ugandan tea with breakfast :)
My apple cinnamon crepe - it was just as good as it looks and definitely hit the spot!
Our shower - quite possibly my very favorite part of our stay!  It was outdoor and solar heated with a perfect panoramic view of the lake!  Doesn't get much better than that my friends.
And of course, we had to squeeze in a jumping pic :)

Byoona Amagara Island must be close to the top of my list of coolest places I've ever stayed and on the off chance that you decide to visit Lake Bunyonyi one day, I definitely recommend staying at this little island resort.  In fact, I'm dying to convince Jurgen to hop on a plane with me back to Uganda since I know he would fall in love with Lake Bunyonyi and all of its third world "middle of nowhere" charm.  I'm not sure what their prices were as I never really got a good grasp on the whole Ugandan currency exchange thing, but I know that they were cheap!

What's the coolest/most unique/most memorable hotel/backpackers/accommodation experience you've ever had while travelling?

Ps: I'm Daryl's featured fave this week!  Head on over to her blog and check out some of my favorite things about living in South Africa here!


  1. Ugandian bungalow?! Are you serious! Looks absolutely amazing to sit on that deck with a view like that ;). Amazing pics Jenna!

  2. This looks amazing! Gorgeous photos lady!! :)

  3. wow! That is just gorgeous! LOVE it!

  4. I absolutely LOVE outdoor showers. We had one in South Africa, and even though it was VERY rustic, it seem luxurious. Coming home to a regular shower felt so claustrophobic!

    Looks like an amazing place!

  5. Wow! You really captured the beauty of the place! My favourite place was the dragonfly ranch in Hawaii (Kona). It was a large tree style type bed and breakfast with about 8 rooms all themed differently with free massages and outdoor showers and an organic vegetable garden and outdoor yoga studio on the property. It was really a week of never ending bliss.

  6. That looks absolutely fantastic! What do you do about malaria- are you taking malaria pills? I always hate to take those (and didn't when I probably should of in Cambodia, though thankfully no malaria for me )...

  7. This is amazing! What a fun experience. So glad you had a good time my dear!


  8. love all of these photos.
    and yes, fantas are only good in a bottle when you are travelling!


  9. Oh my gosh Jenna...I'm having pangs of travel jealousy. This place is amazing...look at that incredible view! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures!! looks like it was a great holiday!

  11. sooo cool!! i love everything about this! im not sure ive ever had a really cool hostel experience as everywhere ive stayed hasn't been anywhere as cool as this but in nicaragua i stayed in a $5 hostel overlooking a lake and volcano and in costa rica i stayed in a $4 hostel in the cloud rain forest *kind of* before CR became the total backpacker hotspot it is now!

  12. Jenna! I am dying right now. The sheer beauty of that place is just too much.

    I decided that, instead of buying a new car, I am going to start saving that money each month so I can travel more often. Morocco, here I come.

  13. Wow! This looks amazing Jenna! I would love to sit in this cabin with a good book and a Fanta (ok, I would prefer a Coke, but still...and by the way Coke is much better in a glass bottle too ha ha).

    Hope you're having a lovely week!

  14. that crepe looks SO good! and my fav pic is the night-time one over the lake! so pretty!

    the resort looks like so much fun - even the mosquito netting! haha

  15. That place looks amazing! The view? The shower? WOW! Places like this blow my mind. Hopefully I make it to Uganda one day! Never say never, right? :)

  16. Beautiful! you have now put Uganda on my list of places to go!

    In answer to your question-I went to Ghana and stayed with a Ghanaian host family for 6 weeks! It was an amazing experience and I ache to go back!

  17. Oh my god, that looks just heavenly! It's the kind of views you only see on tv, you must feel so blessed having been able to go to such amazing places on your trip. I'm looking forward to my honeymoon now, we're staying in a bungalow too :)

    That crepe looks yummy too!

    xo Lisa


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