04 May 2012

Travel-Inspired Series {Part 6}: Kate from A South African in New York

For the sixth edition of my travel-inspired series, Kate from A South African in New York is here talking about her life as an expat in New York City!  Kate and I immediately connected over our very similar, but still quite opposite situations.  With her being a South African living in the United States and me being an American living in South Africa we have so much in common that we never seem to run out of things to talk about.  Her posts always make me miss certain things about living in the United States and my posts often make her miss things about  South Africa.  Plus, since we understand exactly what the other one is going through, I feel like we lean on each other and support each other when the going gets tough.  She's an absolute sweetie and someone who is definitely worth knowing :)

- - - - -

Hello there "A Home Away From Home" readers!

My name is Kate, and I write a little blog called
where I talk about (among many other topics) my newly-wed life, adjusting to living in a foreign country, DIY, and my latest adventure of becoming a brand new mom!

As a South African who now lives in America, I was thrilled to "meet" and get to know Jenna who is in the exact (yet opposite) situation as me and I am extremely excited to be filling in for her today while she is off on her travels.

Although I really miss South Africa a lot, I've fallen in love with my new home...

and here my list of why...

1. No matter how crazy you think you may be, riding on the subway will automatically make you feel 100% sane.


4. Spending the day exploring the MET or the National History Museum.

5. Finally working out where you're going at Grand Central Terminal, that you get to speed walk across the platforms like the rest of the "Wall Street" crowd.

7. Watching a beautiful 4th of July firework display over the Hudson River

9. Taking a tour of the NBC studios and meeting Seth Rogen in the elevator.

10. A walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

12. Crazy underground parties that only end at 8am.

13. Rocking out to some amazing bands at Madison Square Garden.

14. Amazing views of the city from The Empire State building.

- - - - -

A few days after Kate sent me this post she and her husband gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl Zoey!  

Congrats on the newest addition to your little family Kate, she's as precious as ever and I'm so happy for you guys!  Also, thanks for guest posting for me when you were so close to bringing a little one into the world.  Now that is true friendship people :)

Find her blog here.

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  1. WOW! Congrats on the baby and you make New York look amazing. I've never been but my bf is in love and I want to check it out. Getting married in Central park? Could it get any more romantic!!


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