19 March 2012

our weekend {saint patty's edition}.

My weekend was nothing short of amazing - the perfect mix of both work and play!

When I don't work at all over the weekend sometimes I go into the week feeling anxious and behind, but at the same time when I work the entire weekend I normally already feel exhausted by the time Monday rolls around.  Does anyone else feel the same?

I guess a good balance of the two is important. 
{at least until I'm finished with this whole part-time studying / night classes thing}

Setting the "work" part aside, here's a few snapshots of our weekend with some good old fashioned St. Patty's Day fun thrown in for good measure:

--Cold weather has officially hit Jo'burg, a sure sign that winter isn't far away.  On Friday night I welcomed the low temperatures by bundling up in my "Christmas" stockings and Paul Frank sock slippers--

--Saturday morning view of Josi via my balcony.  This is probably the billionth time I've posted this view, but I will just never be able to get over how stunning it is.--

--We hadn't planned on going out for St Patty's Day, but when we saw a white tent in the parking lot of one of our favorite restaurants, we knew we had to join in the fun.--

--Turns out they had a Guinness tent filled with hundreds of people wearing green wigs and hats!-- 

--They also had a live Irish band playing outside so we scarfed down our food and then moved closer to the patio to enjoy the show.--

--It was great to see such a mix of ages out on the dance floor, the older generation rocked it!  And a cougar even tried chatting up Jurgen, the look on his face was priceless!--

--Jurgen absolutely insisted that I take a picture with this Irish guy {he said it would be awesome for my blog, ha!}  After a lot of protest from my side I finally caved {and the guy was really nice about it}!--

--Love this boy, even when his face is blurry ;)--

--After church on Sunday we headed to the Design Quarter for lunch {our Sunday tradition}.  I had my usual prawn and avocado baguette and Jurgen had his usual seafood stir-fry and then we split the usual Salmon California rolls as a starter.  Boring, yes - Delicious, yes! --

{ have I mentioned that one of the perks of living here is the cheap food!} 

--The Woolworths at the Design Quarter also happens to have the prettiest cappuccinos--

{almost too pretty to drink, but not quite}

--Home-made Jalapeno Poppers on Sunday evening courtesy of moi {see recipe here}--

--Lobster for Sunday dinner courtesy of the boyfriend--

{again, let me emphasise that the food here is cheap!  These cost about $3 a piece}


Now it's time to get back into the groove of the work week and I must say that I'm feeling surprisingly ready to tackle the week ahead!  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Wednesday is a public holiday here {Human Right's Day} so I only have to make it through today and tomorrow before I get a mid-week break :)

How was your weekend?   
Did you do anything fun for St. Patty's Day?


  1. Cutest socks! We didn't celebrate the day, but we did have one hell of a fun braai with Flip's friends. Now, children, gin and Tonic is not your friend! Especially when taken in copious amounts.

  2. wow $3 for the crabs! that's awesome!
    Love the st. pattys festivities! and dying for your socks! so funny that as our weather is turning to summer yours is becoming winter.

    ps. the friends we met this weekend were from south africa!

  3. I over indulge every time we go to South Africa just because the food is so cheap and it's so good! It's probably a good thing I don't live there as I'm not sure I'd be able to hold myself back

  4. I love your socks! It looks like you had an wonderful weekend :)

  5. AH! I have those sock money "socks" but they're actually slippers. I'm approaching 30 and I refuse to dispose of them.

    Minted Magazine


  6. Oh yum! All the delicious food is making my stomach growl. Looks like y'all had fun!

  7. Looks like fun! And I'm way jealous of your cheap food!

  8. i love your socks. and i love that you just posted a recipe for jalapeño poppers. consider me your newest follower based on those two tidbits from this post!
    xx jes


  9. i loved this post! made me feel like i was on a mini vacay! so funny that you're starting winter and we are just entering spring!! that place where you have sunday brunch looks like so much fun! and i LOVE that that is the view from your balcony....you are right, so breathtaking!

  10. Was that Thunder Gun?! Rob is desperate to go there. Also, where did you get the lobsters? I need some in my life. Plus your jalepeno poppers... xx

  11. Love your photos...and those slipper socks are amazing.

  12. Looks like a wonderful time :) And lobster! Looks delicious!!

  13. Those lobsters ... look legit. I'm a little scared of lobsters even when they're officially dead like that. :P

    I am hungry right now and all the food and drink in this post has me drooling. Really. I think I will go eat something now.

  14. love the socks! looks like a fun weekend. xo


    i've died and gone to heaven

  16. omg, where do i even begin? the lobsters! your prawn and avocado baguette! (i think i need to recreate that.) and your st. patrick's night sounds so fun! :) i love your and jurgens spirit!

  17. love your socks. great pictures!


  18. That's funny, because I wouldn't say that the food is "cheap" in Cape Town. Food is actually my biggest expense here. Which is because I can't afford to buy any luxuries! Simple traditions like Sunday breakfast are what memories are made from....

  19. I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to! I miss you!!! And am so happy to see that you are enjoying South Africa. I just started blogging again. you are my inspiration so maybe this time I will be consistent :)


Thanks for the love!