22 February 2012

That One Time I Was In Durban...

Today I'm on business in Durban so I thought it might be fitting to finally share some photos from the trip we took to the east coast way back in June over Jurgen's birthday.  

I had intended to share them right after we got back, but then became so bogged down with a nightmare project at work, that I completely dropped off the face of the blogosphere for almost 3 months. #yikes!

Fortunately, I'm back now and said nightmare project is a thing of the distant past!
{Cue huge group sigh of relief} 

During our trip we actually stayed in Ballito {a little beach town just north of Durban}, so our time in the city itself was quite limited.  But, from the little glimpse we did get, our experience was definitely a positive one and we both agreed that another trip to Durban needs to happen in the near future.  

On Jurgen's birthday he wanted to head into Durban to check out uShaka Marine World {pictures on that to come soon}, so we spent the bulk of the day getting our fill of dolphin shows, penguin exhibits, and aquariums.

Afterwards we headed down to the beach to take a walk and watch the sunset, but were quickly sidetracked when we discovered Moyo uShaka Pier Bar jetting out over the ocean.  It looked like an even better way to enjoy the sunset, so we had a quick glimpse at the impressive sand castles on the beach, drooled over the most adorable puppy, and then headed towards the pier to have a peek at the bar.

Beach Sunset in Durban - stunning isn't it?

The most adorable little teddy bear puppy!
{Moyo uShaka Pier Bar}

It turns out we made a good choice - Moyo Pier Bar is amazing!  The vibe, the views,  the cocktails, everything was better than we had initially expected.  So much better in fact, that we decided to stay for a couple of hours and chat over drinks.  I was especially in love with the decor since they went all out with a funky African, organic sort of theme.  Those lamps hanging in the above picture are made from shredded recycled milk bottles - amazing where a little creativity can take you, no!?

If you're ever in Durban I highly recommend setting aside one evening for Moyo Pier Bar, it easily ranks as my favorite cocktail and tapas bar {so far} in South Africa.

Do you have a favorite bar or restaurant that you've stumbled upon during your travels? 


  1. Beautiful pictures! And yes that puppy is the most adorable thing I've seen! I think I need a puppy pretty bad now :) Haha

    Hope you're having a lovely week so far!

  2. LOVE the pictures! It looks like an amazing place!

  3. Wow, the view in that bar is amazing! I would have stayed a few more hours too.

  4. I think I should try that bottle thing...where do you suppose I put it?

  5. Oh my goodness, reading your blog gives me the travel bug so bad! That's it, I'm coming to visit whether you want me or not!


  6. Durban is completely underrated! I looooved my time there!!!

  7. LOVE these pictures!!! I know I say it all the time but I never knew South Africa was so pretty. It's officially on my travel list - I will be calling upon you for places I should visit!

  8. What a fun day and such an adorable puppy!

  9. Oh my god I want that puppy!! :) You look so cute and Durban looks stunning, I want to be on that beach right now!

    xx L

  10. glad to know your back...especially since i just found you!!

  11. I haven't been to Durban (or Africa). Loved reading this post. I found this little kiosk in Sydney that sells Gluten Free Pides (I'm gluten intolerant) and I think I ate lunch there every day when i was visiting.

  12. What a gorgeous place! And you look just lovely. One of my favorite beach bars is in St. Pete...It's called Crabby Bill's and it has a lovely rooftop!

  13. Enjoying looking/reading your blog! I just became a new follower after seeing you on Across The Pond. Have a great weekend.

  14. Looks like you are having a blast! I went to Ghana for 3 weeks and it was an experience of a life time! Love your pictures!


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