27 February 2012

scenes from the weekend.

This weekend Jurgen was in Cape Town visiting his parents and sister who's here on holiday from the UK.  I'd originally hoped to make the trip with him, but {reluctantly} decided to sit this one out due to a conflicting class schedule and dwindling bank account.

Still, I ended up having the most amazing weekend in Jo'burg sans boyfriend!  It was filled with friends, {too much} delicious food, great weather, unexpected adventures, blogging, and some good old fashioned "me time".

-- An early breakfast at Tashas with a dear friend I haven't seen in way too long --

-- The most incredible weather {via the view from my balcony} --

-- Setting aside some time for myself and reading a good book --

-- A spontaneous trip to the most authentic China Town with Martina and Karen -- 
{blog post to come on this soon}

-- Getting an $8 hair cut in China Town.  Karen acted as my translator and gave directions to the hair-dresser {Qing Qing} in Mandarin for me.  The whole thing was a little nerve-racking truth be told, but I mean really, who can beat that price!? -- 
{blog post to come on this even sooner!}

-- Afternoon coffee and cake at Chateau Gateaux Patisserie --

-- Catching up on my favorite blogs over a glass of red wine before bed --

Sigh... It's weekends like this one that I never want to end. 

But, on the plus side the end of the weekend means that I can look forward to picking Jurg up from the airport tonight, which is something that I can't help but always look forward to! 


  1. I probably would have been convinced I'd leave the salon with a buzz cut or something. But for $8, I guess it's worth the risk ;-)

  2. Looks like Jurgen should go out of town more often! haha. What a fantastic weekend you had. And I'm so jealous of that glass of wine... I would love some SA wine right now.

  3. I secretly enjoy when my bf is outta town...and love your relaxation schedule!! Red wine is my new fave lately...I keep telling myself I'm not drinking too much of it ;). I LOVED that book! I couldn't put it down! A few times I took the elevator up and down a couple more times at work just to squeeze in a few more pages. Johannesburg looks amazing!! The South African travel bug keeps itching more and more each time a read another one of your posts! $8 haircut? Omg...jealous...I'm looking at a 45 EUR trim pretty soon here :-/

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend, even if your boy wasn't there. I could use a weekend to myself right now too...and I'm impressed that you were brave enough to splurge on that haircut. But I'm sure it looks fabulous ;)


  5. LOVE Tasha's... such a breath of fresh air for us after months in West Africa!

  6. Looks like a great weekend! Are those portobello mushrooms in the first photo? They look amazing!!

  7. haha new to your blog and i am loving that you got an $8 hair cut! GO YOU!

  8. You always have the best weekends.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I just stumbled across your blog from Adventures of an American Girl and I'm so your newest follower! Can't wait to read more. :)

  10. That cake looks delicious! Sigh - it's posts like this that make me miss South Africa!


  11. I love the pictures in this post. Looks like a lovely weekend. And all the food in this post looks amazing!

  12. wow your photos are great, love that food photo. and i am definitely looking forward to your china town trip i didn't know south africa had a china town.

  13. Just found your blog through Across the Pond! My BF is South African, so we enjoyed going through all your posts looking at pictures. :) Glad the haircut turned out well!

  14. looks like one amazing few days! and send some of that dessert my way! now!

  15. Looks like a wonderful weeked! And I see you're reading a Swedish author yay! (I should probably not be that excited I haven't read his book myself haha, but someday).

    That haircut, wow! A brave thing to do :)

    Hope you're having a great week as well!


Thanks for the love!