08 February 2012


Last Thursday Jurgen found out that he had *officially* passed his Phd.  

We weren't expecting to hear back until March, but since all of his reviewers came back with positive feedback, the approval process went much more quickly than usual.  Now he just needs to complete his internship year and the board exam.  

Then he's officially a registered Industrial Psychologist.

I must say that I am so, so proud of him.

9 long years of hard work are finally paying off.

Unfortunately, right before he told me the good news I had fallen {quite gracefully, mind you} down the stairs of my apartment complex and between trying to congratulate him, I was crying and laughing at myself all at the same time.  All poor Jurg could do was shake his head and laugh.

To celebrate, we decided to hit the town {on a work night, gasp!} and grabbed pizzas and celebratory drinks.  We tried to light our drinks on fire {to really get into the moment, you know?} but then our shot glasses started to melt {bummer}, so we nixed that idea.

{apologies for the blurriness}
{Looking promising}

Afterwards we went to a vibey bar next door called The Office which was packed full of people.

{Apologies again for the blurriness}

But, after five minutes or so the following conversation ensued:

Jurg: I'm really tired.

Me: I know me too.  

Jurg: What?!  It's really loud, I can't hear a word you're saying, maybe we should go outside.

Me: What are all of these people doing here on a Thursday night, don't they have jobs?

Jurg: I know, right?  Why does that guy keep bumping into you?

Me:  Maybe we're just getting too old for this.

Jurg: Maybe we're just getting old period.

Me: Do you want to go home and watch an episode of Swamp People?

Jurg: Umm, yes, I was secretly hoping you'd suggest that!


Sigh, I guess we are getting kind of old, but oddly enough I think I'm ok with it :)

Speaking of old, I'm turning a quarter of a century old on Friday, yep the dreaded 2-5.

To celebrate Jurgen is taking me to see Phantom of the Opera, since it's currently on tour in South Africa.

It's my favorite musical and I simply cannot wait!


Also, what do you think of my new blog design?
Joelle from A Charming Occasion put it together for me and I'm in love :)


  1. Happy (early) birthday, Jenna! Isn't it funny when you start to realize the things that are now fun, compared to what used to be fun but no longer is? Your conversation had me smiling since my boyfriend and I have found ourselves in exactly that situation :)

  2. 1. loving the new blog design TONS! it is so you!!!

    2. getttt it jurgen!!! congratulations!

    3. happy early bday love! 25 is a pretty good year :)

  3. Hi there, I am new to your blog and am loving it. Since I am South African I love reading about how you experience this wonderful land and its people.

    Thanks for the great read and congrats to Jurgen!!!

  4. Very cute new design. I love the airplane.
    Hahaha - Swamp People!!! I caught an episode of that a couple of days ago and it was very "interesting".
    Congrats to your man! What an achievement!!

  5. Haha. That's what happens...it only gets worse, Ha. But that's okay, we like being homebodies now.

  6. Hahahaha. Congrats to Jurg!!! And I loved your convo. Too darn funny! Thursday night is a big going out night, at least here in CT. Hope you're not too bruised from your fall down the stairs

  7. Haha this is too funny, because that sounds exactly like Robert and I! We are such homebodies, though it is nice to go out every once in a while. I'm thinking we really should get out this weekend, since I've been known to lie in bed on a Friday night and watch Law and Order SVU or the Big Bang Theory all. night. long.

    And congratulations to your guy on his PhD! I know firsthand how rough it is to be supporting someone going through a program like that, so kudos to you too :)

    So happy you like your new design! And let me know if you need help with anything else.


  8. Ah - this so sounds like us! It's hard for me to imagine a time when I wanted to go out each and every weekend night, and very often during the week too! If I"m not washing up for bed by 10 PM on weekday, something is very, very wrong!

    Congrats to your man and happy early b-day! Phantom is my fav too - have a great time!

  9. now that is cause for celebration if there ever was one! congrats to Jurgen, this is a HUGE accomplishment. so good!!!! 9 years is such a long time, following your passionate dreams really does pay off big time. sorry you had a tumble lades but glad that you two kept moving on and enjoyed some highly awesome remainders of the day.

    old???? what????! you are young as can be!! i think with all the life experience you've had then it makes sense to feel wise beyond your years but "old" never. cheers to your upcoming b-day too!!! such a great time planned.

    LOVE the blog design too, it's fab. Joelle did a splendid job for you. ♥

  10. congrats to jurg and happy early birthday to you!

  11. Congrats to Jurg! :)

    And I can really see me and Daniel having that conversation! We're getting too old for that too!

  12. hahaha. george and i are exactly like that too! but its just so much better chilling at home with a bottle of wine and a movie, then being out in an crowded bar and not being able to hear each other. 9 times out of 10 anyway.

    congratulations to jurg! thats amazing!!! xx

  13. Congrats! :) I bet he's glad that's officially over with!

    It's so weird. Every time I come to your blog I see something else we have in common... hooray for Feb birthdays!

  14. that is indeed quite a reason to celebrate! congrats to your man!

  15. beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

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  16. happy almost birthday! Love the design - I found you through Joelle and she's doing mine as well :) Can't wait to follow along with your adventures!

  17. Yay congratulations to Jurgen and to you for your new blog design, I love it!

    Wait a minute, you're only 25 lady, that's not old! In that case I'm ancient! ;)

    xo Lisa

  18. Whoo Hoo! Congrats! It is definitely time to celebrate! I could never stay in school for 9 years! That takes pure commitment!

  19. Hi there Jenna! Just stumbled onto your blog from Joelle's Something Charming! What a treat!:)

    I am a South African currently living in the UK, and I can't wait to read more about your adventures in my homeland!:)

    I am a new follower!

    PS - Great blog design!:) Simple and contemporary. Love it. Mine is still very much in the 'conceptual stage'!


  20. I'm always late to the party here as I can't follow your blog as I'm not blogger! Annoying. Just wanted to say I really like your new layout (p.s lazy you for not putting it together yourself ;-) hehe xxx

  21. I love the blog design :)

    Congrats to him!!! That's wonderful!! Have an amazing time seeing the Phantom of the Opera - it's so good!

  22. whoo hooo jurgen!! congrats to mr. smarty-mc-smart!!

    AND happy almost birhtday to you!!

    the blog design is awesome - love the colors!!

  23. Hi! Stopping by your blog from Something Charming...I love it! Can't wait to read more. The melting shot glasses had me laughing out loud :) I would love to go see Phantom - it's my absolute favorite! Excited to have found your blog on this dreary Friday! xo, eliza

  24. Hi! Stopping by your blog from Something Charming...I love it! Can't wait to read more. The melting shot glasses had me laughing out loud :) I would love to go see Phantom - it's my absolute favorite! Excited to have found your blog on this dreary Friday! xo, eliza

  25. congrats that is exciting news!! what started to melt?? cheap shot glasses then.


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