26 February 2012

I Don't Usually Post on Sundays...

...But, today there's a good reason to make an exception.

It's my Grandpa's birthday today, and he's one of the greatest guys I know.

Besides being an amazing Father and Grandfather, my Grandpa...

Dedicated his entire career to keeping our country safe...

Has the greatest sense of humor...

Loves In-N-Out Burger more than just about anything...

Is one of the best story tellers I know {and one of the funniest}...

{Although for some reason he never wants to tell us the story of how he ended up with a tattoo of a skunk on his forearm named "Stinky".  His only comment on that one is that it's from his days in the Navy ;)}

Is an avid outdoors-man and loves anything to do with camping, hiking, or fishing.... 

Has an absolute passion for trains {in any size, shape, or form}...

Has traveled all over the world...

And has a family who loves and appreciates him more than he will ever know!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

If anyone's day of birth deserves a celebration, it's yours!

Lots and Lots of Love being sent your way from South Africa.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa! He sounds like such a great man.

  2. Awww, happy birthday to him!!! This is so sweet and I bet it will make his day!!

  3. Happy Birthday to him! Now I want to know the story about his tattoo.. haha

  4. Thats sweet. :) I have a grandpa who sounds about the same ... career military, loves fishing and all that, constantly telling stories ... Grandpas are just the greatest.

  5. Awww so sweet!! Happy Birthday to your sweet grandpa! :)

  6. So sweet! I just love that he has a skunk tattoo. hehehehe!
    Grandpa's are the best!

  7. Happy birthday grandpa! And I think we'd be friends, since he loves In-N-Out so much, you know ;)


  8. How sweet! And what a beautiful family picture!

  9. Happy Birthday to your grandpa...he sounds like a really great guy!

  10. awww aren't grandparents the best?? i love that Austin's grandparents are helping us care for him his first year!

  11. Yay! Happy Birthday Grandpa (a bit late though)! He sounds like a wonderful person to have in your life :)


Thanks for the love!