27 January 2012

A Celebration by the Sea

While in Yzerfontein over Christmas, we celebrated Jurgen's Mom's birthday.  She turned 50 {although I don't thinking she looks a day over 40!}, and Jurgen and I are so thrilled that we were able to make the trip out and be a part of her special day.  It just wouldn't have been right if we would have missed it.

To celebrate we drove to the adorable coastal fishing village of Paternoster {one of my very favorite places: see here} and had lunch at Gaaitjie, an intimate and cozy little restaurant situated right on the beach.  Its name means "small hole" in Afrikaans, which to me seemed perfectly fitting!

 The weather and location were absolutely stunning and we thoroughly enjoyed wasting the afternoon away sipping champagne, taking in the marvelous views, and eating the most delicious food you can imagine {I enjoyed a delicious seafood curry}.  All in all it was a exceptional day, made even better by the fact that we were celebrating the birth of such an amazing woman, mother, and friend.   

If you ever find yourself in Paternoster, I highly recommend squeezing in a meal at Gaaitjie.  The atmosphere is relaxed and personal and the food is unique, but tasteful.  Letitia {the restaurant manager who grew up in Gaaitjie before it was restaurant} is most often on duty and around the premises.  Be sure to pull her aside and ask her to tell you her life story, it is simply amazing.  

- - - - -

Gaaitjie is located off Sampson Street in Paternoster and is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday.  Just be sure to make reservations in advance as they tend to fill up quickly!  For more information about this adorable family restaurant see here.


  1. Wow! This looks like a beautiful place! I love your photographs :)

    Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  2. wow Jenna, between the darling lion cubs, hilarious ostrich mauling, fabulously fun friends, uber cutest kiddos and your truly lovely self...not to mention Jurgen's handsomeness and his families agelessness plus kind hearted smiles - i am really enjoying myself familiarizing with your life.

    i've come over from Megan's space after reading your guest post and it's a real pleasure to witness such tremendous moments you've captured. gosh are you ever adventurous, love the way you pulled up those roots and moved across the world. seems like you're having the time of your life!!!

    congrats and happy wishes to Jurgen's Mom - this celebration is a sunny, bright indication of what the whole rest of the year will be like, i'm sure : ) stunning location!!! enjoy the rest of your weekend. ♥

  3. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pics. I wish I was there right now!! ;)


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  5. I've been scrolling through your blog, and I think you may have the most exciting life ever! I died over the pictures of you playing with the baby tigers and cheetah, and the baby ostrich was so cute!

  6. well this just looks so beautiful. i a your newest follower, on twitter too! yay!

  7. WOW, Jenna. I am in awe. It is so gorgeous there. Your photos are just lovely.

  8. Wow, the food and the view looks amazing! :)


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