08 November 2011

Lekker by die See

Jurgen and I were in Brittania Bay (a couple hours drive from Cape Town) for a wedding a few weeks ago and decided to hop on over to Paternoster for lunch with friends the next morning.  This little town by the sea is so very near and dear to my heart that it's hard to put into words - but to give you some sort of idea, it's a place where Jurgen and I visited often when we first started dating, and the place where we decided we were going to give this long distance thing a go when I went back to California for the first time. 

It also happens to be just about the most romantic place you could ever imagine, filled with little white houses and quaint little restaurants scattered along the beach.  And, as an added perk, the fishermen sell bags and bags of crayfish tails (same as spiny lobster) on the side of the road, for next to nothing.  I remember once we scored 20 tails for R200 in total, i.e. about $25.  Long story short I love this place and could write about it for hours, but instead I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Voorstrandt Restaurant aka the most adorable restaurant ever.
Such characters! - Jurg snapped this one for me on our way out of town :)

Other things making me happy this week:
  1. Only two more finals and then I'm finished with the semester!
  2. I have all of my documents together for my visa renewal and am going to submit everything tomorrow (a much bigger accomplishment than it may seem)
  3. Today at the gym I realized that I've somehow lost 1.4 kgs (about 3 lbs) since Saturday meaning that I'm only 1.6 away from reaching my goal weight :)
  4. Jurgen will be home in one week!!! (saved the best for last!)
How is your week going so far?


  1. South Africa is just so beautiful! What a great place.
    Well done on the gym'ing. You go girl!

  2. How beautiful!! Yay for your man coming home soon!!

  3. Looks very quaint and lovely. You are a lucky girl that he'll be home soon! [I still have 3 months before I see Henning :( ]

  4. Oh my gosh, amazing amazing pictures!! They seriously took my breath away!! And congrats on almost being done!

  5. errr. I need to go to the gym. ok.. tomorrow I will.

    or maybe the next day. ;)

  6. Beautiful pics, the West Coast has the most incredible beauty of it's own as it's so different in style to the rest of the country! Love the quaint little restaurants and white houses on the beach, always so pretty.

    Congrats on losing weight :) and yay for Jurgen coming home soon!!


  7. Congrats on being so close to your goal weight!! Definitely a rewarding accomplishment!! :)

  8. What a cute looking place!! I'd give ANYTHING to be at a beach right now! haha.

    And you have the sunny weather to motivate you for your goals at the gym! I've started regularly going to the gym everyday but it's so hard when all my efforts just get hidden under thick sweaters!

  9. It seems such a lovely place.
    I seriously need to go to the Gym myself just need to find one close to home... :)

  10. Love the photos! And your Afrikaans :)

    Shame, you probably can't wait for Jurg? But listen, you now have no choice but to come movie with us on Wednesday as the one girl opted out. Yes please.

  11. Hi Jenna! I stumbled upon your blog through Across the Pond and wanted to say hello after reading a bit about your adventures in Africa. My boyfriend and I have both spent time in Africa and hope to experience it together for the first time in 2012. How lucky you are to be living there! I've enjoyed looking at some of your pictures, I really miss it!

  12. Jenna- nice blog...I'm going to take a look at your recipes! Hope you and/Jurg can make it Tuesday!

  13. Jenna~what a beautiful place. Sounds. like you has a wonderful time.


Thanks for the love!