12 October 2011

Coldplay in Josi

Back in June my Mom and I went 50:50 on tickets to Coldplay for Jurgen's birthday and last Saturday the long-anticipated day finally arrived!  Coldplay and U2 had been on my top two list to see live and ironically enough, I got to see them both play in Johannesburg at FNB Stadium this year.  I have to say though, Coldplay officially knocked U2's socks off - they were hands down the best band I've ever seen perform live.  I'm so so so glad we were fortunate enough to get tickets!

We got there a bit early and so decided to prop our ourselves on top of the steps at the beer garden and take in the view and people watch for awhile.  I must say the view of the city from the top was pretty spectacular.

The concert itself was absolutely amazing and packed full of hits including Yellow, The Scientist, Fix You, Viva la Vida, Life in Technicolor and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.  Not going to lie - I even teared up a little bit during their last song - it was that good! All in all it was a wonderful night filled with good music, good food and good company -  I wish I could relive it all again, but for now pictures will have to suffice :) 

What did I tell you? *spectacular*

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

What band/musician is at the top of your list? 

Next on my list would either be Robbie Williams or Ingrid Michaelson, can't choose between them.


  1. You really make me want to visit South Africa badly. I never saw Coldplay in a full concert, I saw them perform at the EMAs back in 2005. Probably the band I would like to see life right now would be Kings of Leon hope they came to Lisbon soon. **:)

  2. What a gorgeous view! I love seeing pictures from somewhere that I've never been! The best concert that I've been to is either Taylor Swift or Gary Allan. Both country. Haha. I'm obsessed.

  3. I was also there and LOVELOVELOVED it!!! Seriously, it felt like a religious experience :) I didn't want it to end

  4. Oh Jenna! Yes! It was an absolutely awesome concert!!!! Such a perfect evening. I sang my heart out and subsequently had no voice the next morning. Very special memories of Coldplay,one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

  5. Concerts are so much fun! U2 is on the top of my list!
    Ben Folds was one of my favorites to see in concert:)

  6. Sounds like fun! I haven't been to too many concerts...Santana was fun though!

  7. i love coldplay and i'm so envious! :) you are so blessed you get to watch them. i hope they get to visit our country too!

  8. This looks like so much fun! Glad you got to have such a great experience!

  9. I loved it too :) sure the Jozi concert was every bit as good as the Cape Town one! No plans to come up to Jozi until December :( too much travelling back and forth to Durban at the moment - but I will be there for the night of the 23rd if you aren't going home over Christmas?!


  10. sweet! Coldplay ~ ~

    there are so many concerts ... not easy to choose * but the one that sticks out in my mind is Sting (era of his Brand New Day album) he rocks in so many ways * *

  11. I missed Coldplay - not a huge fan. But I was at Soccer City for Kings of Leon...did you go?

    Oh and Robbie Williams...he is my all time fav...saw him in Cape Town a few years back! Love him!


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