06 September 2011

Highlights & Lowlights from the Weekend

I'm linking up with the lovely Taryn from Taryn Leigh again for her weekly series Highlights & Lowlights from the Weekend.  Even though poor Taryn is swamped at work this week and won't be able to do her normal post, I'm going to carry on the tradition for her and hope that she'll be back next week :)

This week there are a lot more highlights than lowlights :)

  • Celebrating submitting my HUGE semester project on Friday with Jurgen at Lucky Bean in Melville - I don't know if I've ever been so happy to submit an assignment before after pulling two all nighters in a row #procrastinationstrikesagain
  • Continuing the celebration with dessert - sticky toffee pudding = pure deliciousness
  • Not touching work or studies the entire weekend and sleeping in until at least 10am on Saturday AND Sunday
  • Meeting up with Megan and her boyfriend Flip for lunch and Rugby on Saturday afternoon, although my team lost - boo.
  • Grabbing seafood stirfry and a prawn and avo baguette at Woolies in the Design Quarter as per our usual Sunday routine.
  • Finally signing up to run a 10km next weekend!  What's even better: Jurg's agreed to run it with me and it's at the Johannesburg Zoo - such a cool place for a race!  A big shout out to Christy and Christine for all the motivation they've given me through their fabulous running blogs.  First race recap to come this weekend! 
  • This wonderful 25 degree weather we've been having and being able to leave the flat without a jacket for the first time this year - yay for summer!
  • Getting to talk to my Grandma on Skype for a whole hour :)

  •  The terrible experience we had at the Cubana in Cedar Square on Saturday night.  This was the second time we've left before even being seated due to the hostess telling use we couldn't sit at an inside table unless we were sure that we were both going to order mains.  Definitely won't be trying our luck there again.
  • Missing celebrating my Mom, Dad and Gradma's birthdays this week - can you believe all of them have their birthday in the same week!? - but still happy I was able to talk to them over Skype.
  • Being swamped at work this week due to not working over the weekend - but I must say that it was oh so worth it :)

What were your highlights and lowlights of the weekend?


    1. Looks like you had more highlights than lowlights, so that's a plus! I can't wait to hear all about your 10k!!! They are fun, and I can only imagine how much fun that will be in a zoo!

    2. I promise I'll do my best to get my usual highlights and lowlights post up next week - work has run away with me recently and the year seems to be flying by! I am so missing the blogosphere as well :(

      Congrats on finally finishing all your assignments and for work calming down a teensy bit - sounds like we both have really demanding jobs ;)

      Your weekend sounds fab and congrats on signing up for next weekends race, keen to see your rundonw of it (excuse the pun!). Sorry to hear about your Cubana night - we also had a bad experience at one here, which is a pity as they have some great food!


    3. Oh my! You didn't event tell me about Cubanas, they sound snobbish.

      Good luck with the training for the 10k!

    4. Hey. I'm a new follower from Denver. I can't even remember how I found your blog! Sounds like a fun weekend, minus the restaurant snobbery. I like the way you post your pictures, btw!

    5. wow - sounds like an awesome weekend! dessert, blates and no homework sounds like awesomeness!

      hope your week is starting off great as well doll!

    6. i'm jealous that it's the beginning of summer for you! The weather's starting to get pretty chilly here :(

    7. Hooray for submitting your project and no homework!!

    8. Your highlights sound wonderful! Sorry about the lowlights!! I hope your week is incredible.


    Thanks for the love!