22 August 2011

Highlights & Lowlights From the Past Weekend

Hello Party People! 

Today I'm excited to be linking up with Taryn from Taryn Leigh for her new weekly link-up Highlights & Lowlights from the Past Weekend.

I know my face in the blogosphere has been pretty non-existent these days and to be honest my posts will probably continue to be a little thin for at least the next couple of weeks.  But, that being said, I'm most definitely going to keep posting whenever I can and want to get back into my normal posting routine as soon as my life calms down a little bit. #reallifeistakingovermybloglife

  • Celebrating Jurgen and my 3 and a half year anniversary with a nice home cooked meal and a bottle of wine.  I love that even in the middle of our crazy schedules we're still able to set aside time to celebrate the fact that we've made it this far and are in this together :)
  • The nice weather that we've been getting in Jo'burg after the cold spell that we had last week.  Here's to hoping that it's a hint that summer isn't far away!
  • Getting ahead on my work load so that I don't go into Monday already feeling swamped.  While I really don't like to work over weekends I've realised that sometimes it's so worth it because it makes the work week go so much smoother.
  • Going for cappucinos and lunch at the Design Quarter with Jurgen today.  Studying or working from a cafe is always so much more fun than studying or working from home :)
  • Finding out that my cousin/BFF is doing so well is pursuing her life-long dream in event planning and just secured a steller job as Assistant to the Head Caterer at a very well-known hotel - Go Sierra!
  • Having to work the whole weekend and pass up on meeting up for drinks with Megan at Barumbas on Friday. #I'msuchabadfriend
  • Neglecting my studies and university projects to stay on top of work projects - this week is going to be all about playing catch up.
  • Finding out that my Grandpa took a fall today in the process of trying to regain his strength and mobility after his heart surgey.  So grateful though that it doesn't seem like he broke anything and that he IS starting to slowly get back to his old active self.
What were the highlights and lowlights of your weekend?


  1. Congratulations on 3 1/2 years with Jurgen!!! How exciting!!!
    My Highlights:
    -Being featured on your blog!!! That is so nice of you, I really appreciate your support.
    -We had a lovely wedding yesterday at an amazing venue.
    - Nordstroms is repairing a pair of jeans for me, for FREE! Love them.
    -Grandpas fall.. be we remain very optimistic!
    - Still miss Roscoe
    - Working 15 hours yesterday
    - Getting a nail in my tire and my car in the midst of a breakdown

    Hmm that's about it for now. Love you!!!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! I hope your grandpa starts feeling better!

  3. Yay congrats on your 3.5 year anniversary :) I love half year anniversaries ;) you guys must have also got together towards the middle of Feb? War and I are the 23rd Feb!

    Sorry hun - you're right, I don't see your link up on the site so maybe just try paste it in again and let's see if it works this time!

    Good luck with the week ahead :)


  4. congrats on your anniversary! i hope work slows down a bit so you two can celebrate. xo

  5. In intimate dinner at home sounds like a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary!

  6. Congrats on the anniversary! :) I don't think I've ever made it past two years....the joys of traveling :(

    Going to Montreal for the weekend...that's my highlight :)

  7. I only saw this post now! Congrats on the anniversary! Wow, that is quite some time. Flip and I will be celebrating 1 year and four months while I'm going to be in Germany :(

    Sorry to hear about your Grandpa, I hope he recovers very soon!

    You can make up missing all the other times this weekend! Sushi Saturday!

  8. Hey! Just found your blog through Megan at Across the Pond. You're from Camarillo?? I'm from Simi Valley, but I was in Camarillo almost every weekend. I worked just one freeway exit over from where Megan grew up, too.

    What's funny is all three of us grew up in Ventura County and are all living internationally now. You South Africa, Megan the UK, and I in Germany. Too funny!

    Congrats for your anniversary, and I can't wait to keep following you in the future!

    <3 Daryl

    Roots, Wings, and Other Things.

  9. Well happy 3.5 year anniversary! Hope it was wonderful! And one of the things I am so excited about for fall is cappuccinos!
    Hope you enjoy the long weekend!

  10. Well happy 3.5 year anniversary! Hope it was wonderful! And one of the things I am so excited about for fall is cappuccinos!
    Hope you enjoy the long weekend!

  11. ive been missing you in the blogosphere! hopefully your life settles down soon :)

    happy 3 and a half anniversary to you guys :) its pretty much the same length as george and i. go us!!

    hope you had a not too hectic weekend :) xxx

  12. so crazy that you are just coming up on summer while we have officially turned into autumn.



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