04 June 2011

This Morning...

... I dropped Jurgen off at the airport for his flight to Cape Town.  Even though he's only going to be gone until Wednesday I still teared up (like always) before he went through security and waited until I saw him go through to his terminal before I left.  I don't know why I get so weirdly emotional whenever one of us is flying somewhere without the other.  I think it's from the years that we did distance, when dropping someone off at the airport meant saying goodbye for months upon months instead of just a few days, but that's a story for a another day.  Luckily this time it's a quick trip and he'll be back in Jo'burg before I know it :)

After I dropped him at the airport, I was able to meet up with a friend for a delicious breakfast at a quirky cafe called Succulent near my flat.  We both had their American Style French Toast with berries and mascarpone cheese and it did not disappoint!  I definitely recommend it to any South African readers - it's near Cresta if you're ever in the area!  I meant to take my camera to take some pics of my own, but left my memory card in my computer :/  Fortunately, I was able to pull these from their website to give you an idea of the decor.

They have the most gorgeous cake and cupcake display :)

Straight after breakfast I ran a few errands and bought a couple new books I've been wanting to read (The Last Lecture and Great Expectations) and also rented Sex and the City 2 and the first season of Lost.  Now I'm popping some popcorn, pouring myself a glass of wine and getting ready to enjoy a quiet weekend inside... which I think is just what the doctor ordered!

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I'm doing the exact same thing this weekend! We are not going anywhere today. Just me and the seasons of The Office. :) That cupcake display is amazing!

  2. I love a quiet weekend! That's kinda what I am doing tonight and it's perfect!!

  3. That sounds like a lovely weekend! I had a great saturday with two picnics, that was lots of fun. Today it rained here but we went to the cinema and saw the new x-men movie which was very good so it was also a great day! What did you think of SATC2? I was quite disappointed... but I really liked the first one.

    xo Lisa

  4. awww every time i visit your blog you make me want to visit south africa hehe!!

  5. sounds like fun :) what did you think of sex and the city 2?! i saw it in the theaters with my friends and oh boy. we were disappointed :( ah well. have a great week! xo jillian

  6. Um, Lost? Yes please! Have you watched it before? Robert and I just started a few weeks ago and we are ob-freaking-sessed. Hope you enjoy it too!

    And I hope you had a fabulous weekend!



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