30 June 2011

{Guest Post} Mrs Rosie Posie

I was so pleasantly surprised when Caley from Mrs Rosie Posie let me know that she would be willing to wrap up my series of guest posts on Durban for me while I was away.  Caley is the first South African blogger I was lucky enough to meet and since then she’s quickly become one of my bloggy besties.  She and I often offer each other words of support and encouragement since we are both still studying (bleh).  Like Taryn and Thobeka, Caley is a born and bred Durbanite, so today she’s recommending some of her favorite sights and restaurants in the city.  Thanks Caley!


Hi everyone, I’m Caley from Mrs Rosie Posie.

Words cannot describe how happy and excited I am, but most of all, how honoured I am to be guest posting for Jen today.

Jen is away at the moment, visiting my incredible province, Kwa-Zulu Natal and whilst she is in the Drakensberg/Durban, I would recommend the following sights and bites to her and all new visitors...

My Favourites:

Sights to see:

Our latest tourist attraction to be built is... Moses Mabhida Stadium.  The stadium was built in time and for the sole purpose of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.  All Durbanites will agree that our stadium is the most beautiful of all the WC stadiums – it has the most incredible arch across the top and the lights at night are breathtaking! The stadium has calmed down after the World Cup storm, but now boasts some great adventure – catch the cable car to the top to take in the amazing 360’ view of our city or jump from a platform at the top and swing across the stadium.

The Durban Beachfront Promenade is another must do and see in Durbs. Even in winter, (our warm and sunny days are currently sitting at 22’C), our promenades are busy with girls running, guys cycling, kids playing and families enjoying the fresh air and sea views.  Who not hire a bicycle and take a leisurely ride down the promenade enjoying the sun, sand, sea and eye candy?

Markets to visit:

Markets – we have plenty of them!

A few of my favourites include:

The Shongweni Farmer's Market – this is situated up on the hill and can be quite chilly in the early morning, but worth it.  The market is open each Saturday from 6.30am – 10am, and offers a variety of crafts and foods.

Essenwood Flea Market – this is situated in the heart of the Berea, in Essenwood Road park and is always buzzing! The market is open each Saturday from 9am – 2pm and it offers some yummy goodies to eat, different hobbies, crafts and clothing.

The Food Market is situated in Umgeni Park and is a hall of the tastiest foods and sweets ever (but plenty of kgs too!)  The market is open on the last Saturday of each month from 8am – 1pm and it is just FOOD, FOOD and MORE YUMMY FOOD!

I Heart Market – this is situated in central Durban at the DLI Hall and is the local hangout for Durban bloggers.  Why not pay them a visit on the first Saturday of each month from 9am – 12pm and shop to your hearts content – clothes, antiques, tasty treats, jewellery and home decor.

Places to eat:

Breakfast – Sage
This little outdoor cafe, that is child friendly and a mini shopping warehouse serves the yummiest muesli and french toast, as well as a rainbow of sweeties (not just for kiddies!)

High Tea – Macaroon Cafe
Treat yourself to the tastiest macaroons in town at this cute little cafe in the busiest strip in Durbs, Florida Road. Stop for a cuppa, a cappuccino or some breakfast but DO NOT leave without tasting all the macaroon flavours available that day – too die for!

Lunch – House of Curries
Kill two birds with one stone and visit Macaroon Cafe and House of Curries at the same time – they are neighbours and owned by couple duo – Mark and Kirst. House of Curries (or more commonly known as HOC) it is THE place to be any night of the week. As the name says – it’s the best curry house in Durbs – and you may need tissues and milk once you have licked your plate clean, or do as the locals do and take a seat at the bar and enjoy their numerous drink specials.

Sundowners – The Lighthouse Bar
This trendy bar is situated at the top of the Oyster Box hotel on Umhlanga beach. With a view of the Durban coastline and trademark lighthouse, sit back and enjoy the signature Umhlanga slinger cocktail, nibble on their roasted corn or caramel popcorn, suck on a flavoured cigar and listen to the sounds of the local jazz player or one man band.

Dinner – Spiga d’Oro
Back to the trendy strip in central Durbs, Florida Road to enjoy the tastiest Italian dishes in town – the pizzas and pastas are incredible with a good bottle of wine to accompany, and the mood is set with fairy lights when eating at this typical Italian pavement bistro. Their secret – no other non-fast-food-restaurant is open until 2am!!

As you can tell, I <3 Durban and I would be happy to show you around if you come visit.

29 June 2011

{Guest Post} Sunnyside Up

I’m so excited to have Thobeka here from Sunnyside Up blogging about her home city of Durban.  I recently discovered Thobeka’s blog and was immediately drawn to her spunky and quirky style – her posts never fail to put a smile on my face and she has quickly become one of my favorite daily reads J  Thanks so much for guest posting for me Thobeka – I can’t wait to try some of that curried pineapple!
I was honoured that Jenna asked me to guest post…but after thinking about it for more than 10 minutes I realised that the only way I could truly help you best experience Durban would be to actually fly you all down here for the weekend… soooooo…..
Nah, just kidding, you didn’t really think I was giving away plane tickets did you? :)
Durban, land of the Zulu’s!  You’ve heard of Shaka Zulu right?  Gangsta king turned crazy from way back when… well, he’s our claim to fame.  This is where I was born and bred!  I’ve lived on 3 continents, 6 cities, 3 countries but this is the place that I’ll always call home and will always come back to.
Durban, how do I love thee…let me blog the ways:

1. Your amazing sub-tropical weather

It’s officially winter and the coldest it’s been is 16 degrees celsius – I can live with that.  Most winter days average in the mid-teens to 25 degrees celsius.  We’re only 6 hours drive from Johannesburg and there it’s about 2 degrees celsius.

2. Your beaches

I’m here almost every weekend!  Whether it’s date night eating Indian food along the shore, or having girly conversation, napping in the sun or biking along the promenade – there’s nothing quite as soothing as the sound of waves crashing.  I'm also almost always amazed at what beach sand creations the guys come up with - feel free to tip!  I’m not the only who thinks we have great beaches though.  We host one of the biggest surfing competitions here every July (yes, in Winter) called the Mr. Price Pro and it’s international, so not only do we get to check out our own hot surfer boys, but every year we’re blessed with some international ‘talent’ too ;)

3. Your curried pineapples – found at the beachfront

I’m no way a lover of hot/chilli things but man, I’m always willing to enjoy the burning sensation of pineapple with a curry powder like paste on my tongue. 
4. Your people
Now I’m not saying this because this city is ‘mine,’ but we really do have some of the friendliest and most relaxed people in all South Africa (Cape Town would be a close 2nd).  Things move a little slower here in Durbs but sometimes I like it that way.  We don’t show up to meetings 25 minutes early to ‘impress’ we like to get there 5 minutes before – we tend to take the ‘scenic route’ approach to life.

5. Your food

Thanks to the VERY diverse nation that we live in, we are blessed with all types of restaurants offering an eclectic mix of tastes.  I’m a sucker for Italian food, so Spigadora is number one for A LOT of Durbanites.  It’s situated on one of the most buzzing streets in Durban (Florida Rd) and serves up divine Italian cuisine, in a vibrant yet relaxed setting till the early hours of the morning.  (I’ve had pasta there at 01:00, after a night out on the town).

Yossi’s also a hit with its mouth watering Moroccan food!  Should you decide to visit, I’ll gladly take you to a little place with no name that sells yummy home-cooked traditional Zulu food. 

6. Your architecture

Due to our history - the whole British colony thing – our buildings are very old Victorian (I think) and I love it.  It’s as if time stopped in a certain part of town.  Whenever I’m driving downtown I can’t help but gaze at the City hall, Library and Playhouse Theatre.

I could definitely go on and on about this, but then we’d be here till next week.  Writing this guest post has definitely convinced me that I need to blog more about my city – hello new feature!
Salani kahle! (Keep well - in Zulu)

28 June 2011

A Little Shout Out...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the Jurgenator!

I love you so much and am so glad you're mine :)

Hope your have a wonderful day and here's to many more to come!


27 June 2011

{Guest Post} Taryn Leigh

I was so happy when Taryn from Taryn Leigh agreed to guest post for me while I was away.  Taryn is one of those people whose positivity and zest for life shines through every aspect of her blog and I love reading about her opinions on fashion, fitness and travel (both in South Africa and abroad!).  She's currently living and working in Cape Town with her boyfriend, but is originally from Durban so I thought she would be the perfect person to recount some of her favorite things about the city.  Thanks so much for posting Taryn!


Hi there J I’m so excited to be guest posting today while Jenna’s away in Natal! She asked me to post about Durban as she will be down there for a holiday and so here goes…
I grew up in Durban, and although I now live in Cape Town after going to university here at Stellenbosch University, and staying on for career purposes, I still go home every couple of months to see my parents and family who all still live there J
I loved growing up in Durbs, it has the most gorgeously tropical weather all year round and it’s always the warmest place to be in winter with lovely sunny days!  It’s on the East Coast of South Africa and so it’s lucky enough to be on the Indian Ocean, with beautifully warm water too (unlike much of the rest of the country)! I’ve put together a list of 10 of my favourite places in Durbs, some are old favourites from childhood and some I love going to on my visits home – all of them though are a must if you happen to visit one day!

1. Ushaka Marine World – this combines Wet ‘n Wild (which is a collection of water slides much like Sun City), The Aquarium – with some great shows(including dolphin's, penguins and seals) and a daily shark feed; as well as a varied selection of restaurants!

2. Moses Mabhida Stadium – this played host to many of the Soccer World Cup games and has now been turned into a huge tourist attraction! You can either take a walk up the arch that goes right over the top or jump off “the big swing” from the top of the arch into the stadium!

3. Umhlanga Main Beach – this is still my favourite beach of all, but then I am biased as I grew up in Umhlanga, which is about 20 minutes north of Durban city centre!

4. Durban Botanical Gardens – this plays host to some great concerts on Sunday afternoons, but even if there are no concerts on, it’s always a beautiful spot to have a romantic picnic at.

5. Mozambique Peri Peri – this is by far my favourite restaurant in Durban! It’s in Durban North and they serve a choice of either Mozambique peri peri prawns or chicken – simple yet awesome!

6. Florida Road is one of my favourite streets in terms of restaurants – they have some of Durban’s greatest restaurants, my favourite of which is an age old favourite called Spiga D’Oro!

7. Gateway Theatre of Shopping is a must visit! At the time it was built was the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere – I’m not sure if it still is or not but it has Durban’s best shops and is beautifully laid out and it’s still one of my favourite shopping centres.

8. Have a good old Durban Curry!

9. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at Circus Circus Café on the beachfront!

10. Watch a Sharks rugby game at Mr Price Kings Park Stadium – there is honestly nowhere in South Africa that can match it in terms of post-match festivities!

25 June 2011

{Guest Post} Second Floor Living

I'm so excited to have Megan here today from Second Floor Living posting on one of the recent trips she and her boyfriend took to the east coast of South Africa (where Jurgen and I are headed now :)  Megan has quickly become one of my bloggy besties and I love her positive, yet hilariously sarcastic outlook on life.  Funny enough, Meg and I have recently discovered that we actually live just about 30 minutes drive from eachother so we are planning to meet up one of these weekends - I have a feeling that we'll hit it off right away :)  Thanks so much for posting Megan!

Hello there all you lovely people who enjoy reading Home Away from Home.
I am thrilled to be here today. Really, I'm squealing with joy. Luckily you can't hear me.
Jenna here asked me to write something about travelling. 
I'm an avid wayfarer.
 like Johnny Appleseed.
without all the walking.

Me and two of my besties

A while ago, over Easter, my boy/best friend and I went on a trip to Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal.
We flew down to the coast, so unfortunately I don't have any tall tales about all the sights we saw, or what we would have seen if we had roadtripped.
But a place to stop along the way is most definitely Harrismith, the tail of the Drakensberg.
The surroundings are gorgeous and a stop at the Wimpy for a coffee is a must.
But take something fairly warm, because no matter the time of the year, it's always nippy.
Photo by Biebie de Vos
 Okay, so now we have fast forwarded quite a few kilometres, and we are in Umhlanga. It's about 15 km outside Durban, and not as bustling as the much larger city.
Fast forward a few days, and you will find me in tears,
because somehow, all our photos from the trip got deleted.
But I still have all the memories imprinted on my brain's memory card.

A must see is the lighthouse! It's beautiful, especially early morning or late afternoon, with the sun glowing a gorgeous magenta and coral hue, with hints of periwinkle.
It's such a treat to wake up early, like 5:30ish at the sea and watch the brilliance as God paints his canvas across the dark sky.

Photo by Alan Kolnik. Probably mid-afternoonish.

But a person's got to eat right?
And I have learned not to judge a book by its cover.
We ate at Hooters. Yes, Hooters Hooters
And it was delicious!
And it being the coast, we indulged in our fervor for seafood.
We also pigged out at Lord Prawn and Box on the Beach, which are in close vicinity to each other and the lighthouse. (I couldn't find any nice website to link to)
We had a toothless old and deaf waiter at Lord Prawn, who was difficult to understand, but trying to decipher what he said provided some great entertainment.
Speaking of entertainment, if you grow tired of sunbathing and swimming, Ushaka Marine World is not too far away.

It has a massive aquarium inside a 'shripwreck' and an amazing waterpark. You also have the opportunity to see a dolphin show and a seal show. I got quite emotional when we watched this, it was staggering!
Lastly, a must see and do is the Moses Mabhida sky car ride. I have a bewildering fear of heights, but I did it, just for the experience. I believe that everyone should try everything once. I would also recommend taking a rickshaw ride, which is super fun!

And that's a wrap on my very first ever trip to Durban, where memory could serve.

24 June 2011

Let's Go On A Road Trip

In about an hour Jurg and I will be headed on our little road trip to the Drakensberg and Durban.  I must say that I cannot wait to get out of the city a little bit - I'm looking forward to getting some fresh air, taking some time off and enjoying seeing friends and family.

While I'm gone I've lined up some amazing posts from some of my favorite South African bloggers :)  I can't wait to share their posts with you - make sure to hop on over to their blogs and show them some bloggy love!

PS - Today I logged on and saw that I have 100 followers!  Thanks so much to all who find this little blog worth reading - when I first started this, I never dreamed I would get to the triple digits :)  I also never dreamed that I would meet so many other amazing bloggers out there who have touched and inspired my life in so many ways.  I'm truly blessed!

21 June 2011

Virtual Coffee (and an Award!)

I can't believe it's already Tuesday again and time for Virtual Coffee, this week has literally flown by!  What's it going to be for you today, I think I'm going to be having green tea (yep, I'm still on that kick).

If we were really having coffee today then I would probably tell you that not much has changed since we met last week and that I'm still extremely busy with the project I have going on at work.  Luckily, university is on break now though, so all of the long hours haven't really been a problem and I'm really gaining a lot of great experience.  I'm just hoping that things will settle down again by mid-July, when my evening classes are starting again.

Don't worry though, this post isn't all about work - there is some exciting news!  Friday morning Jurgen and I will be headed to the Drakensberg Mountains for the weekend to attend the wedding of one of his close childhood friends and then from there we'll be heading to Durban to spend a few days lounging in the sun, celebrating Jurgen's birthday and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It seems like forever since I've been able to get out of Jo'burg (even though we took a trip to Clarens just back in April) and I feel like this mini-vacation couldn't have come at a better time.  It will also be my first time visiting the Drakensberg and Durban, so I can't wait to explore a part of the country I haven't seen before - and obviously take tons of pictures to share with you guys :)  While I'm gone I've lined up some wonderful guest posts (all by lovely South African blog buddies) and I can't wait to share them with you!

In other exciting news, I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened my inbox a couple of days ago to find that Taryn was sweet enough to pass on a blogger award to me - thanks Taryn!  The award calls that I list 5 random facts about myself, and then pass the award on to 5 other blogs that I love.

So here goes:
  • I have an unnatural phobia of bees and literally cannot function if they are (for example) swarming around my food while I'm eating - it. drives. Jurgen. crazy.
  •  I'm the hugest procrastinator you'll ever meet, even though I always make deadlines (though often at the last minute) - I really honestly try to plan my assignments in advance, but for some reason cannot get that spark of brilliance and motivation until the very last moment.
  • My favorite food in the whole world is salad and I order some version of it about 90% of the time we go out for dinner - weird I know.
  • I have a yellow lab named Vogue who I had to leave in California when I moved to South Africa (sob!) and I miss her like crazy - she is seriously the sweetest thing ever and not a day goes by that I don't wish I could put her on a plane and fly her out here.
  • I will basically participate in any extreme sport - sky diving, bungee jumping, shark-cage diving, you name it, but am terrified of white water rafting - I'm always so afraid that I'll fall out and hit my head on a rock or something!
(talk about random!)

And, here are the five blogs that I'd like to pass this award on to:

Natasha at Schue Love
Hayley at See.Hay.Fly
Caley at Mrs Rosie Posie

Well my coffee tea is finished and it's time for me to jump in bed since I have another early meeting tomorrow morning (yuck), but thanks so much for meeting with me! - And be sure to check out all of the lovely ladies blogs listed above, they will have you hooked in no time :) 

20 June 2011

Monday Spotlight: Penguins in Africa!?

One of my favorite things about South Africa is that everytime you think you have the place figured out, it always surprises you with something new and totally unexpected... one example being adorable African Penguins.  When I was first preparing to come to South Africa for a semester abroad in 2008, I read about the African penguins that have made Boulders Beach their home and I couldn't wait to see them up close.  I wasn't sure whether they would look like your real happy feet penguins that live at the north and south pole, but I was intrigued enough to go and investigate during my first week in the country.

At first glance Boulders just looks like your typical everyday beach... But then...

Oh hey there :)

They're actually everywhere!

They're (almost) tame too - just dont try to actually pet them ;)

Oh, and don't forget to check under your car for penguins before leaving!

Boulders Beach is just a 45 minute drive from Cape Town and is a must see for anyone visiting - at the very least it makes for a great photo op!  Tickets into the reserve are only about $5 per person so it won't break the bank either.  If your schedule allows I'd also recommend setting a day aside to explore or stay in the neighboring city of Simon's Town - it's the epitomy of the perfect little beach town complete with little cafes, boutique hotels, great shopping and awesome ocean views.  

19 June 2011

To Dad:

Happy Father's Day!!!

Thanks for instilling in me your love of nature, sense of adventure and contagious curiosity and zest for life.

Without you I wouldn't be half the person I am today.

Love you lots and wish I could be in California to celebrate with you today!

Linking up with Yellow Songbird for Saturday Snapshot (Father's Day Edition) :)

16 June 2011

Two Must-Reads - One Hilarious & One Life-Changing

Just thought I would give you a quick update on a couple of things books that I've crossed off of my 50 in 2011 list.  One of my goals for the year was to read at least 5 books for pleasure and so far I've finished 2, but haven't posted anything about them yet.  I had planned to be a little further along in this goal by now, but alas, textbooks have gotten in the way of my ambition to read books that I actually enjoy :)

The first book I finished this year was Notes From A Small Island by Bill Bryson, a sarcastically comical account of an American's (Bill Bryson) solo trip around England after having lived in the country for over twenty years.  Having worked, married and started a family in England, the trip serves as a last hurrah of sorts before he moves his English family back to his old stomping grounds, the United States.  The book is a perfect blend of humor, travel recommendations and nostalgic memories relating to the British culture and way of life and it's a must read for any American who's spent any considerable amount of time in the United Kingdom or any other British-English speaking country such as South Africa.  I know that I certainly enjoyed it and found myself  doubled over in laughter on more than one occasion.  I'm looking forward to reading some of his other books in the future, particulary, this one.

I finished the second book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, just yesterday and found myself completely inspired and in tears as I finished the last pages. For those who haven't heard of the Last Lecture, it's a book by a Carnegie-Mellon Professor who's been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given just months to live.  As a way to inspire others and leave a living legacy of himself for his students, wife and young children, he participates in the University's "Last Lecture" series where tenured Professors are invited to speak on life lessons they've learned throughout their career.  In this case however, it really is somewhat of a "last lecture" for Randy Pausch.  The book is for the most part based on his last lecture presentation at Carnegie Mellon, but it goes a little deeper into his personal life and discusses more about his future hopes and dreams for his wife Jai and three children.  He also talks about how him and his wife still try to maintain a normal marriage and family life, despite his diagnosis.  The book really is life changing and the author's bright, spontaneous and comical outlook in the midst of tragedy really made me realize how grateful we ought to be for the time we've been given. 

A quote on the inside of the book's cover page really hit the nail right on the head in saying that "The Last Lecture is an inspirational and heart-warming book about living, not dying.  It should change your life.  Because time is all you have... and you may find one day that you have less time than you think."  

It's a quick read (I read it in two days) and I recommend it to anyone and everyone reading this.  If you'd like to watch his Last Lecture on YouTube, you can find it here.

14 June 2011

Virtual Coffee

It's Tuesday which means it's time for Virtual Coffee - well sort of - I'm still on my green tea kick so I'm going to stick to the trend.  What's it going to be for you?

If we were really meeting for coffee I would probably start off by telling you that there's been a lot of excitement happening at work - which is why I've been a little pre-occupied for the past couple of weeks.  I don't want to go into too much detail (because I don't want to put you to sleep!), but basically the company that I work for (which is a consultancy) just secured a huge ten month contract with another company who decided that they needed someone from my company working at their company full-time for the duration of the ten months - which is where I step in.  It's been a bit crazy to change gears so quickly, move all of my work to a new office, get to know everyone at a new company, etc... but so far things seem to be going pretty well and I think I will gain a lot of valuable experience and also be able to help them with a lot of their concern areas.  My only complaint... I'm required to sit in and contribute at weekly 6am board meetings and this chica is not a morning person - oh well, I guess I can't win them all right?

Since this past weekend was spent preparing for the new contract, I unfortunately don't have too much exciting news to share.  But... Jurgen and I did go see the new X-men: First Class movie on Sunday night and we both thought it was really good - and that's coming from someone who isn't normally really into comic book movies.  It's definitely worth seeing if you have the time!

Monday I was up before the sun for a 6am meeting and by the end of the day I was exhausted.  Luckily, Jurgen had just the remedy when I got home and suggested that we grab dinner at Thunder Gun... which is the most wonderfully tacky American style restaurant in the whole of South Africa.  It's your typical delicious burger and steak joint with Cowboy & Indian themed decor - awesome cure for home sickness haha.  But, really, the food is affordable and delicious and the service is always good - and the portions, my goodness, just look at the size of Jurgen's standard serving of ribs...

... the picture speaks for itself!

Now I'm just gearing up for another busy week ahead, but am so excited (and thankful) that this Thursday is a public holiday in South Africa - which means sleeping in and staying in my pj's all day for me (yipee!).

What does your week ahead look like?

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

12 June 2011

This Time Last Year...

...the FIFA World Cup was being hosted by South Africa and the country was buzzing with excitement, team spirit and national pride.  Terms such as "Vuvuzela", "Zakumi", "Ke Nako!" and "Bafana Bafana" became part of everyday language and tourists poured in from every crack and crevice of the globe to support their team and join in the fun.  Universities throughout the country re-adjusted their semester schedules so that exams would be finished by the time the festivities started and companies closed early on game days.  The country pulled together in a way that I have never witnessed before as people from all races and religions sported their yellow jerseys in support of Bafana Bafana.  I must say that it was a wonderful time to be in South Africa and I feel so very blessed to have been able to be a part of it all.

Yesterday when I saw that Taryn had shared some of her favorite pics and memories of FIFA, I knew that I couldn't miss the opportunity to also jump on the band wagon and share some of my favorite memories with you and also reminisce about a wonderful time in South Africa's history :)

On our way into Ellis Park Stadium for the USA vs Slovenia game

Relishing in the "American-ness" of it all w/ a Budlight and hot dog

Jurg was also a good sport and supported the USA with me :)

My friend Amber came out to visit all the way from California and we were able to get tickets for the semi-final between Ghana and Uruguay

Jurg went a little overboard in showing his support for Ghana ;)

07 June 2011

Best {Pumpkin} Pancakes Ever

I haven't posted any recipes for awhile, so I thought that this week in lieu of the usual virtual coffee post I would mix it up and try something different. 

Some of you may remember that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned trying my hand at a recipe for pumpkin pancakes that Jurgen found in one of his Men's Health magazines.  Well, the recipe turned out to be better than expected and has already turned into a sort of weekend tradition that I don't think will be disappearing any time soon - I will even venture so far as to say that they are the best pancakes I've tasted to date... yes, they are that good!  What's even better is that the pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A and fibre making them healthier than your normal, run-of-the-mill pancakes.

You Will Need:
  • 2 cups Bisquick or pancake mix
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1 cup pureed pumpkin
    • You can also use butternut squash for this
    • Use fresh pumpkin or butternut for best results
    • To make puree simply cube the pumpkin and then steam it on the stove until soft and mushy, drain any extra water before adding to rest of ingredients.
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Syrup
  •  In a large bowl, combine the pancake mix, cinnamon and ginger.  In another bowl, mix together the milk, pumpkin, egg, vanilla extract and oil.  Combine the two bowls together and blend.
  • Heat a lightly buttered griddle or large frying pan on medium to high heat.  Pour the batter onto the griddle using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake.  Cook the pancakes until bubbles for in the batter and the edges begin to brown.  Then flip them over and cook until the other side is lightly browned.

(Makes approximately 20 pancakes)

Serve with plenty of maple syrup and you have yourself one perfect weekend breakfast :)