17 May 2011

Virtual Coffee

It's been so long since we've been able to meet for coffee, but I'm so glad that we were able to meet today!

So what's it going to be for you?  I think I'm going to go for tea today (oddly enough)... since I've been on kind of a green tea craze the past few weeks and am finding it to be much more effective than coffee in getting me out of bed in the morning and, more importantly, keeping me awake throughout the day.


If we were really meeting for coffee I would probably start by apologizing to you for missing so many of our coffee dates.  I would tell you that my life has just been crazy this past month or so (mostly in a good way!) and that I have been playing catch up at work and with my studies after my little impromptu trip to California.  I would tell you that the trip was totally worth it though and that I had such a wonderful time getting to see friends and family.

If we were really meeting for coffee I would probably ask you to fill me in on what's been happening in your life and whether you have any exciting plans coming up in the future or whether you did anything crazy since we last had coffee.  I would tell you congratulations if you were one of my many friends graduated with their Master's this past weekend and ask you what your future plans are... whether you'll be trying to go straight into a career, or whether you will be taking some time off to travel or do volunteer work.

On the subject of graduations, if we were really having coffee I would tell you how proud I am of my Mom for graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from CLU (my alma mater!).  She has been working full-time and studying for the past couple of years now and I'm happy (and I'm sure she's even happier) that all those extra hours finally paid off.  I'm pretty sure she also graduated with a cum laude so she sure is one impressive lady :)

I would probably then go on to tell you that my new job is going really well and that, while I still have a LOT to learn I'm really starting to get the hang of things and have even been able to bring some of the things I learned at my previous job into the business.  I would also tell you that at first I found it so weird having to "dress up" for work every morning, but that now I'm actually starting to enjoy it.

I would also tell you that I'm SO excited the semester is ending on the 1st of June because I've never been so ready for a break!  If we were really having coffee I would ask you what your plans are for summer (if you lived in the US) or for the winter holiday (if you lived in SA).  I would also ask if you're looking forward to the break as much as I am :)

Last but not least, if we were really having coffee I would recommend that you cancel whatever plans you have tonight and go watch Arthur (but only if you like silly Russel Brand sort of humor).  Jurgen and I went a couple days ago and almost died laughing and have both been walking around saying "Hobson!" in a really high pitched voice to eachother ever since.  In fact, Jurgen started laughing so hard in one part of the movie that it made me laugh so hard that I almost choked and subsequently had to spit my coke zero all of the floor to prevent certain death.  So, if you're in need of a good pick-me-up go see it :)

I would then ask you if you've seen any good movies lately and also whether there are any movies that are coming out soon that are a must see on you list.

Well my coffee green tea is almost up, but if we were really having coffee, before we went our separate ways I would ask you to pretty please complete the survey at the top right-hand side of the page if you haven't already.  I'd love to get your input on what you'd like to see more of on here!

See you next week!


  1. I love coffee time with you! I was just thinking about you the other day and was wondering what you have been up too! =) congrats to your mom for graduating! What an accomplishment. I remember when my mom was getting her degree in education. She worked so hard, but it was so worth it. I'm off to fill out your survey =)
    Have a wonderful day!
    xoxo-Keri bohemian backbone

  2. can i have real coffee? green tea brings me out in a rash - eeeewww!!
    congrats indeed to your mum - anyone who works full-time and studies in amazing - several of my friends have done/are doing so and i'm so full of admiration!
    re.films - i recently saw inception on dvd and was blown away!! i now think christopher nolan should have won the best director oscar, though i so loved the king's speech :)
    hope you have a great week!!

  3. such a cute idea!! I drink hot tea every morning, whcih is strange for the South, haha. But I love green tea with mint in it!! It's really good and makes it less bitter. Glad to hear your job is going well :-)

  4. What a cute post! Virtual coffee date? Love it! I'm not sure I'm a Russell Brand fan but the fact that you spit out your Coke Zero due to laughter just might convince me to watch :) hehe

  5. Hey! Welcome back! I'm glad to hear your new job is going well and that's so great you got a chance to go back and visit your family for a bit. Congrats to your mom!

    I'd been thinking about emailing you. Are you still interested in writing that guest post about Burma? If so, let me know! Whenever is convenient for you, I'd be pleased to have you on my blog.

  6. That's so funny, I've given up coffee this week for green tea too! I can't drink coffee too early in the day or I'm groggy later when it really matters that I'm alert. I'm so glad to hear your new job is going well! I hope June 1st gets here soon for you!

  7. you're so close to the end of the semester! whoo! congrats to your mom - supermom for reals!

    and so glad you're still loving the new job!

    XO, A

  8. I truly love this. You have such a great personality.

  9. haha i love this! i want to have a real coffee (or green tea - i have recently become obsessed with them too) chat with you! So happy you recommend Arthur. I really want to see it! i love Russell Brand hah!
    Congratulations to you mum :) you both are so beautiful x

  10. So glad you are enjoying your new job and congrats to your mom! It's so difficult studying and working at the same time - you must be so proud of her :)

    hehe - I'm pretty sure we have the same YDE dress! Will post a pic sometime and you can let me know if it is!


  11. and p.s. Warwick and I saw Arthur a while back and we absolutely loved it to! We saw No Strings Attached on Tuesday evening and it was really funny too - try get to it if you can before it goes off circuit, a chick flick but well worth it :)


  12. I saw Arthur last week with some friends. Really funny movie - I loved it!

    Also happy to hear that you enjoy your new job :)

  13. Cute post idea!! Oooh I really want to see Arthur, I love Russel Brand! I'm glad you had a great trip to Cali and are enjoying life!

    Lisa x

  14. YES! I was a little leery about Arthur, but I LOVED it.
    I also LOVE green tea. Yum.
    <3 leigh


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