19 May 2011

Not Your Average Cup O' Tea

In Tuesday's virtual coffee post I mentioned that I had recently started drinking green tea in the morning instead of my usual cup of coffee.  To my surprise many other bloggers commented that they had also recently made the switch and were reaping the rewards.

It all came about a couple of weeks ago I read an article in the April issue of Women's Health South Africa about the various benefits of different teas.  Never having been a tea drinker, I thought I would give it a try. 

Looking over the different tea varietals I decided to give green tea a try since it's the one that's most often linked to good health and also because Women's Health dubbed it "The Fat Fighter".  And, I must tell you, from day one I could feel the difference.  Since high school I've always felt tired during the day no matter how many hours of sleep I got the night before.  Not in a fall-asleep-in-class sort of way, but more in a I don't feel totally on my game sort of way.  Ever since I started adding green tea to my morning routine, I can honestly say that I feel completely alert and ready to tackle the day ahead by the time I walk out of the door.  What's even better is that I can make it through the afternoon without that mid-day crash that coffee seems to give me.  It is wonderful.

But not only does green tea pack the punch in terms of getting you ready for the day ahead, it also has numerous other health benefits:

Even on top of all of these benefits, the article in Women's Health went on to say that green tea lowers your BMI (Body Mass Index), reduces your chances of skin cancer and also helps to prevent stokes.

And when I picked up the new issue of Women's Health yesterday, green tea was one of the main ingredients listed in their longevity diet noting that:

"Green tea may be the single most life-prolonging substance you can put in your cup."

Do I have you sold yet???

How about you guys, do you have a favorite type of tea?

When you switched over to the tea world, did you also notice immediate benefits?


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  1. Actually...I started drinking Earl Grey tea several months ago after I got super sick. Now, that's all I drink in the morning...but I should really consider drinking green tea now...you're convinced me!

  2. This post is great! I'm trying to reduce my intake of coffee and I'm starting to like tea a lot more. That might have some influence of the British Royal family, but anyway... Cute blog! ;)

    xoxo, Ana
    My (Newly)Wed Life

  3. i get in tea modes where i love it then get burned out but green tea is def my fave (well, second only to sweet tea but that has SO much sugar in it!)

  4. Yes, I'm a green tea drinker. Sometimes I like darker types but green tea is where it's at. When hot, I love to put honey it it, honey is great for a sore thoat and energy!
    This week I've been running hot water through my coffee pot until I get four cups of hot piping water, stick a orange or berry flavored green tea bag in there, and after it's cooled down I pour it over ice and take it with me to work! So tasty!!

  5. Im such a tea lover. Especially green tea! I loved this post! I think I shall go and drink a cup right now! =]

  6. i reaaaaaly feel like i should drink and love tea because u know, i live in england and all...but i really cant stand it...

    shh. im scared they will kick me out.

  7. I love green tea. Well, the bottled Lipton kind. Haha. Does that count??

  8. I am such a coffee addict, but I don't think it would hurt for me to try something new in the mornings. I do like tea from time to time, and with all of these benefits how could I not give it a try? Thanks for the info girlfriend!

  9. I've a green tea drinker for a couple years now, and it's honestly the best pick-me-up in the mornings...and with all those health benefits, who could say no! :)


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