03 April 2011

{Guest Post} Favorite Weekend Getaway

I was so excited when {av} over at Long Distance Loving agreed to do a guest post for me while I was away!  Long Distance Loving was one of the first blogs that I ever started reading and I followed it daily even before I created a blog of my own. As the title suggests, {av} provides advice on how how to love from afar and posts on everything from family to friends to fashion.  She is one of those bloggers who I feel like I've known forever and I feel like we have a lot in common since Jurgen and I were also in a long distance relationship for a couple of years.  Make sure to hop on over to her blog for more on her experiences in learning to love from afar!

Hi! My name is {av} and I'm so happy to be filling in while Jenna is enjoying some time away! You can normally find me in my corner of the blogosphere at {long distance loving}. Jenna suggested I share some snapshots from one of our favorite quick trips since she's on a weekend getaway right now! 

When {cv} and I were long distance, I happily bore the lion's share of the traveling. My school and work schedule was much more flexible, so it worked out for us. During our three years apart, we spent a good deal of the weekends we had together in North Carolina--where {cv} lived. His home in Charlotte was the launching point for day trips to other parts of that beautiful state.

One of our favorite weekend getaways was spent at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. It wasn't a terribly busy trip, but with the hours {cv} worked, we were happy to have the down time admiring the scenery. We roamed the grounds of the historic inn, brunched in downtown Asheville, and watched an unforgettable sunset over the Smoky Mountains. 

Weekend getaways like this one always provided a fabulous opportunity for us to enjoy each other outside of the confines of the everyday grind. I think it's essential in a long distance relationship to travel together--you learn so much about the other person and you can pretend {for just a little bit} that the weekend will last forever ;)

I can't thank Jenna enough for having me here at A Home Away From Home! I always love to read about her South African adventures! Make sure to stop by {long distance loving} to get a peek at how I have learned to love from afar! Happy weekend! xoxo {av}


  1. Thanks so much for posting av! - Asheville looks beautiful... I've never been there before, but next time I'm in the south I'll have to set a weekend aside to visit!

  2. I agree Jen! I LOVE Long Distance Loving too:)

  3. my best friend angela moved to asheville when we were in high school, now she teaches in charlotte. it's so fun visiting her-- sounds like you and your boyfriend had some great trips,long distance loving.


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