18 April 2011

Back On Track

It feels like its been ages since I've been able to blog!  Last week was another crazy one and between starting my new job (which is going well so far!), a huge paper being due and an exam on Thursday evening, I just couldn't squeeze in time for anything else.

I spent this weekend just trying to get back on track and into my normal routine again.  On Friday night Jurgen and I went out to dinner to celebrate the fact that I made it to the end of the week alive and then I spent Saturday morning organizing all of my binders and getting my desk back in order.  Saturday night I met up with a good friend for dinner at a new Greek restaurant in town (which was delicious!) and then Jurgen met us later on for a friendly game of bowling :)  It was wonderful being able to relax and take a little time off after having been so busy over the past week and weekend.

For anyone who has been following this blog for a decent amount of time, you've probably noticed that I tend to disappear from the blogoshere for a week or so every once in awhile, and when I finally come back, I normally write a post very similar to this one about how I had so many things due and was so busy at work and had to spend my whole week with my eyes glued to the computer
(Cue - "Hi... my name is Jenna and I'm a Procrastinator"). 

I'm starting to realize more and more that I need to break my habit of procrastinating because it's not working for me anymore, I'm just too busy to save things until the last minute.  It honestly worked pretty well for me when I was just a student, but now that full-time work is also tied in, it's impossible to save things until the night before and then hope that nothing else interferes.

That being said - from this point forward I'm really going to make an effort to be more organized and plan so that I can meet deadlines without having to pull all nighters :)  I already started by organizing all my work from this year so far into binders and also re-organizing my desk, but tomorrow I'm also going to go through my day planner and make sure that it is completely up-to-date and I'm also going to download google calendar as recommended by Ashton in this post.

I'm hoping that by getting more organized and by being determined NOT to leave things until the last minute anymore; I won't find myself in the same predicament I found myself in this week :)

What about you?

How do you make sure you stay on top of your hectic schedule???

I'm all ears for any tips and recommendations :)


  1. I bought a little calender that has multiple sheets that you can fill in the days. So I write everything I have on those calenders and post them at work and my room. I also do to do lists and have a planner.

  2. my desk is FULL of sticky notes - it doesn't look organized but it's how i stay organized! good luck with tha tnew job and getting organized!

  3. I love that second picture of the planner! I am obsessed with planners & such. I have a huge calendar on my desk at work & then I keep everything else in my cell phone. I take great pride in crossing off the days before I leave work.
    <3 leigh
    I also make to-do lists like it's no one else's business!

  4. Gosh oh man THANK you for this post!! I totally feel ya sister about losing your organization!! I am in the process as I type this (and creep on blogs, ACK!) to get my life organized and in order. Oiiiii. I started using Yahoo Calendar - something about Google Calendar wasn't sitting well with me for some reason? Give both of them a try and see what you like!

  5. Really the only way I know how to stay on top of things is with a planner. A list by my phone for that given day also works because you come face to face with it several times over the course of the day.

  6. Love that quote about procrastination. I should hang it in my office :)

  7. YAY for your return to the bloggy world! I know you feel great to have your paper and your exam behind you. You will love google calendar. It is the only way I stay sane.

    I start my three week marathon of exams and wrapping up paper writing. I get to go home home for almost a whole week afterwards, so that is keeping my motivated!

    I hope you are loving your new job. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  8. "Hi my name is Jana and I am a procrastinator too" hahaha and I have a good reason for it! I am indesicive, so if I start on stuff early, I'll just change my mind before it's time to finsh it, haha

  9. your weekend sounds like it was exactly what you needed :) i cant imagine being run of my feet busy at the moment as my schedule is pretty relaxed right now haha. but when i do have a busy schedule, i am exactly like you! such a procrastinator! hope your feeling better and more organised soon :) xx

  10. I'm alot like that also, always leaving things for the last minute. I'm totally going to print google calender nice tip! :) **

  11. I know exactly how you feel!!! Although rather than a week, I've kind of disappeared for a month, haha. It's good to find a balance, but sometimes it's just impossible (luckily I'm finished everything in 2 days!!!)

    Google calendar is a good idea! I have this awesome Dali planner a friend bought me for Christmas, and it has my life in it (i don't trust technology, haha).


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