15 March 2011

Virtual Coffee

I know I say this every week, but.... Coffee is SO necessary today and if we were really meeting for coffee I would probably order whatever was strongest... a macciatto with an added shot of espresso perhaps?  What's it going to be for you?

If we were really having coffee I would tell you that this past week has been Hectic with a capital H, hence my lack of posts as some of you may or may not have noticed.  Saturday morning I dropped Jurgen off at the airport since he is needed to fly to Cape Town for a conference and from that point forward I have been running on full throttle. 

The whole weekend was devoted to working on a research paper which I still didn't get quite finished, so I stayed up late last night and woke up early this morning to add in all the finishing touches before work.  The rest of the week will be jam packed with night classes, presentations and even a test thrown in just for the fun of it.  Please. Let. This. Week. Be. Over!  Haha, ok ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic and should just still for a minute and listen to what your week has in store for you - any fun plans or is your week ahead also looking like mine and you'd just rather not talk about it? ;)

On a less stressfull note, if we were really having coffee I would tell you that our university break is coming up at the end of next week and it worked out that I almost have two weeks straight with no class :)  Even more exciting, I think a trip back to this idyllic place may be in order over one of the long weekends, and truthfully, this is what has been keeping me going.  Dullstroom really is the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city; Jurgen and I visited this little town with some friends last year and I don't think any of us ever wanted to leave. 

 Here's some pictures from last year's visit:

Doesn't it look amazing!?

If we were really having coffee I would ask you if there's a particular place you go for a quiet weekend retreat.
If we were really having coffee I would probably also give you an update on my car, since last week when we met it was in with the gearbox specialists.  Unfortunately, it needs a completely new transmission which spells not so happy days for my bank account.  But, even though I was really upset about it last week, these things happen and I think I'm over it now and am to the point where I just want to pay to fix it so that I can have my car back and running again.  I would also probably ask you car recommendations, since I may be in the market for a new one in a few months :)

Well, my macciatto is almost finished, but before we go back to work or school or wherever, we would probably talk about the horrible tragedy that happened in Japan last week and how sad and terrifying and horrible the whole thing really is.  I would probably also tell you about my dear friend Katie who is living in Japan and how I am so relieved to hear that she is ok and how happy I was to be able to speak with her today.  Katie and I travelled through Japan together in 2006 and her love for the country eventually led to her enrolling in a program to teach English in Japanese schools.  She immediately came to mind when I heard about the earthquake, and I will continue to keep her and everyone else in Japan in my thoughts and prayers as they begin the slow and difficult process of recovery and rebuilding.

Well my coffee is finished and it looks like yours is too, but I can't wait to meet again next Tuesday!


  1. Dullstroom looks like an absolute treasure ... amazing pics * enjoy ur java * cheers!

  2. Keep on working for those two weeks off, my dear! It will make these days in the interim TOTALLY worth it...especially with a visit to that lovely little village on the horizon! Keeping yourself distracted while he's gone is never a bad thing either ;) glad to hear your friend is ok--and hopefully your car will be back in shape soon! xoxo {av}

  3. YOU CAN DO IT!! It will be over soon. I will be right there with you soon trying to write my upper level writing paper. That place is gorgeous. Your break will be that much sweeter. Have a great week and remember to smile! =)

  4. such a cute post! glad we had a virtual coffee and i was able to catch up on your life!! hope your week gets less stressful!

  5. This was a good post---that place does look like a nice quiet place to escape! Yay for break! And yay for vitural coffee---since I don't like it in real life lol

  6. oh hang in there for the next couple of weeks! if just keep thinking about getting away for the weekend...that sounds lovely! i am glad to hear your friend is safe, my heart goes out to all of the people in Japan. thanks for coffee!

  7. i am not a coffee person but tea is my go to morning drink!! it def keeps me awake and going esp. after not having slept very much the night before (like most nights for me)!!

  8. Again, no coffee for me but a milkshake may be in order (DEFINITELY not counting calories today!)

    My week ahead looks EXACTLY like yours - I have 4 assignments to be done by the 1st April (and 2 in Afrikaans!!) I hope your week gets easier...

    Dullstroom looks wonderful - we escape to Clifton beach in Cape Town or the Drakensberg or the bush! May be in order soon too!

    I'm glad you have overcome the car issue and I'm praying thst some miracle money appears for you! I love cars and depending on your budget, i would love to recommend one for you - I love VW, Toyota or Audi. What have you got now?

    Thoughts and prayers are with Katie and the rest of Japan - so tragic:(

  9. You can't go wrong with Dullstroom! I absolutely love that place and it's not too far from JHB. Other treasures you should look into is Parys in the Free State, which is about an hour and a half's drive, right next to the Vaal river. And also Clarens and Golden Gate, which is about two/three hours drive.

    Okay, enough of me sounding like a travel agent.

    Hope you get through this week alive, the long-weekend is just over the hump :)

  10. I looooove my coffee too. Just poured me a cup actually ;)
    I remember the days of school work, finals, projects, work.....ugh! I feel for you, I really do! You can do it!!! Please do go back to that wonderfully, beautiful and serene place in Dullstroom. So pretty and peaceful looking. To me that is what life is all about.


  11. Good luck slogging through a hellish hectic week! I hope you have a lovely time in Dullstroom!

  12. Coffee makes my world go 'round. seriously. Hope you get some time to relax and unwind soon, and have another cup of coffee:-) xoxo

  13. great blog :)

    loved sharing some coffee!!

  14. Thanks for the coffee talk! Fun post.

  15. this looks amazing! im looking for a place to stay in dullstroom what is the place you stayed at called?


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