08 March 2011

Virtual Coffee

It's Tuesday again which means that it's time for virtual coffee! 

I think this week I will be ordering a Chai Tea Latte, since they are my all time fave and I've been drinking way too much coffee as of late.  What's it going to be for you?

If we were really having coffee I would probably start out by venting to you.  Ready... here goes... I took my car into the mechanic for what I though was a minor problem on Monday morning and it has stayed there ever since (well not really, it has actually moved to transmission specialists) because it seems like there may be a potentially big problem with the gearbox... No Fun.  So I've been having to ask Jurgen to drive me to and from work every day, have been hitching a ride to the gym with him and it's looking like he will need to drop me off and pick me up from my night class tomorrow night... poor guy!  What would I do without him? :)  I just really hope that the gearbox doesn't need to be replaced because that spells a lot of $$$!  We'll see and just hope for the best, I'm sure I'll give you an update next week when we meet for coffee.

On the brighter side I would probably mention how great my weekend was and how much fun I had taking the whole of Saturday off and spending some well needed quality time with the Jurgenator (aka Jurgen).  I cannot remember the last time we both had a full day to enjoy together and I hope in the future we will be able to set aside more time to explore Johannesburg and visit new places.  I would then ask you about your weekend, if you did anything fun and if you've been on any fun trips recently or have any planned.

I would also probably tell you that I am really looking forward to starting my new job.  The bulk of my time at my job now is being spent training my replacement, so I am really looking forward to April and the prospect of starting something new :)  While I don't want to bore you all too much with the details, in my new position I will be working as a Junior Consultant for a firm so there will be a lot of traveling, different projects and new things to learn, and I think it will be just what the doctor ordered.  I would ask you how your job is going, if you're happy where you are and if there may be a new prospects looming on your horizon... I would probably also ask you your opinion on my move and whether you think I made the right choice or whether I am being too risky :)

If we were really having coffee now our mugs would probably almost be empty and it would almost be time to get back to the hustle and bustle that is our lives, but I would first give you another little update on my Grandpa (also see here and here and here).  I would tell you that while I had hoped that I wouldn't need to give you any more updates, it's been sort of a roller coaster since I last updated you on his recovery.  He's been fighting through all sorts of heart, blood pressure and medication problems since being moved to rehab and so last week he was moved back into a general hospital.  They also think he may have had another mini heart attack two nights ago and so we are all hoping that the doctors will be able to figure out what's causing these complications.  What's important though is that he is still fighting towards getting back on his feet and we are all optimistic that he will be able to work through these set backs and make a full recovery.  If we were really having coffee I would thank you sincerely for all your prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes you've been sending in his direction.

Thanks again for joining me for virtual coffee this week, can't wait to meet again next week!


  1. yes yes! i could go for a chai tea latter as well yum!

  2. Now I'm craving a Chai. Lol. Car problems are the worst! But new jobs, definitely exciting! I'll be praying for your Grandpa!

  3. Omg I am loving having virtual coffee with you right now! I'm obsessed with chai tea lattes as well right now, and if you were in California i would tell you to only drink them at coffee bean where they are only 90 calories!!!
    I'd roll my eyes and tell you I know what it's like to have car problems! They are such expensive things in life! I would mention how i busted my windshield the other day on the fwy and tell you that they cracked the replacement window and now I'm stuck with a scratched replacement windshield, but i got a discount which made me happy!
    I would congratulate you on your new job and ask you to fill me in on what your duties are and what kind of traveling you're expecting. I would go on about my new job, and how it's so exciting and im really enjoying it! Especially the part about being able to attend all these fabulous events like badgley Mischka and the red carpet amazingness we got to walk!
    I would then feel your pain on what grandpa is going through, and mention how confused I am as to why he's not getting better and why the doctors can't figure out what is going on. I would also mention how exhausted is he is but what a fighter he is, just goes to show you the kind of stamina our family has! I would then tell you how impressed I am with grandma, she's so self sufficient. Even though shes not paying attention to her pressure sore which re opened the other day, shes doing much better handling grandpas situation than I expected.
    I would also tell you the new season of teen mom is on!!!!! And I miss watching it with you!
    I love you Jenna! So glad we got to have virtual coffee!!!

  4. Haha! What a fun idea! I think I'll go for a cappuccino with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top!
    How exciting for you to start a new job! x

  5. Aw sorry about your car! Hopefully it's an easy fix! Good luck with the new job! I'm not really clear on the details of your decision, but I'm definitely one to say, "if you're dreamin' about it, go for it!" Life's too short to regret the chances we didn't take. I hope it all works out for you!

  6. I love to read about what is going on in the lives of others…love this meme! Good to get to know you!

    ~Penelope (I love to write about beauty tips!)

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  8. Okay - random question of the day. I drink wayyyy too much coffee and I always wonder if I should switch to chai every now and then, but doesn't chai still have caffeine? Or is it better? haha.

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  9. Hmm I love chai lattes! I've recently started a new job too. With the amount of hours I get from there, plus my 6 courses at uni, my days are super busy from now to April! :(

    And all the best with your grandpa!

  10. I need to perfect my cous cous making skills. Lately its come out like bland mush.

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  11. Hey hun,
    I also wouldn’t be drinking coffee this – in fact, I never do!
    I share your pain with the car story – I sent mine in for a service and they had to replace an airbag, my wipers and my brake pads – lots of rands later!!!
    My weekend was great – spent time with my best friend in your neighbourhood, Joburg!
    I think you made a great move on the job front and I am so excited for you. My studies are going well – just very hectic with assignments… feel like I’m drowning!
    I hope your Grandpa makes a speedy recovery – he is my thoughts and I am sending you big hugs
    Have a great week (and hope the car comes back soon!)


Thanks for the love!