01 March 2011

Virtual Coffee

I can't believe it's already time for virtual coffee again - this past week flew by and it seems like we just met a couple of days ago!  Oh well, I'm glad it's time for coffee again because I am so ready to unwind.

So what will it be today?  I think I will go for a simple iced soy latte since it was so nice and sunny out today  and I could use something nice and refreshing :)

During this week so much has happened that I do not even know where to begin.  As you may or may not remember, when we met last week for virtual coffee I told you that I had major decisions to make and that while I couldn't disclose all the details last week, I would be able to tell you more today :)  And I can!  I resigned from my current position today and will be moving companies and starting somewhere new with effect from the 1st of April.  It was a huge decision because while the new position has a much greater earning potential, it is also risky and will work on the basis that I will earn half of whatever I bring in.  This is kind of scary when it means that I would be giving up the safety and security and stability of my current position, but I think in the long run it will provide me with a lot of experience and after a ton of thought I decided to just go for.  I'm still extremely nervous and have had more than one minor breakdown this week, but I really feel like it was the right decision and I think it will pay out in the long run :)  It also feels like such a relief to finally have just made the decision.

Other than that my week has been pretty same old same old... you know class, gym, work, the usual.  BUT, there may be a last minute trip to Lesotho in order at the end of this month which would be just what the doctor ordered... I haven't been there yet and I've heard it's beautiful :)  My bff also told me this week that she is thinking of coming to visit this year which will be her first time out so my mind is already racing regarding possible must sees and itineraries and I cannot wait for some much needed bestie time.

What about you?  Any new and exciting plans going on in your life, any trips planned, any major life changes???  I hope the new year hasn't brought too much stress your way and you're finding time to see friends and take some time out for yourself.  I'm certainly glad that you were able to find time for virtual coffee today, and hope that you will be able to squeeze me in again next week :)


  1. Oh I hope you do go to Lesotho! Aside from Sri Lanka, I'm also planning a trip to Bosnia and Serbia for a class and a vacation in India!

    California/South Africa is quite the long distance! It definitely is hard being in an LDR but it's worth it =) Thanks for your comment!

  2. Wow ... from my little nest in Colorado, your life in South Africa is literally & figuratively miles away! :) Isn't it amazing how wonderful it feels to make a decision and feel peace? Then you know you made the right choice!

    Visiting from SITS!

  3. Holy moly, I was nervous for you just reading about that decision making! I'm glad you came to the decision and that you're happy with it. Wow - one month from today!! I'm excited to see where the new position takes you =)

  4. Hi Jenna,

    I love your blog and if we were having coffee, I would tell you how proud I am of you (not like I had anything to do with the wonderful woman - yikes 24???, that you've grown into.) But still... I really like reading your blog.

    It's always hard to make a big change and step into the unknown but most of the time, as long as it feels right, it usually works out for the best. If nothing else, you'll gain experience and learn new life lessons.

    Does you mom read your blog to your Grandpa? I'm sure he would like it! You're mom is one strong lady...taking care to make sure your Grandpa has the best care possible, working and keeping everything running (her lists do come in handy!)....your dad ain't to bad either even if he's not a Lakers fan!

    Anyway - keep up the writing, when you have time :) and take care.


  5. Hey congrats on the new job! I'm glad you feel good about the decision and I'm sure it will all work out wonderfully!

    Have fun in Lesotho! It really is beautiful. We visited some Zulu tribes while we were there (but I think it helped that my dad spoke Zulu) Hope you have a blast, and share pictures!

  6. Congratulations on the new job! Very exciting. I know you are nervous, but I am proud of you for taking that leap of faith. I have a feeling this will be a great opportunity for you. You have seen what my weekend was like. But, more exciting...there might be a new boy in my life. Fingers crossed! We shall see...I will keep you updated.

    P.S. Thanks for thinking I am gorgeous. Sweetest comment EVER.

  7. Jenna...I read your " About Me " section and your story is totally inspiring! You're living your dream and that's something that a lot of people don't or can't do. Way to go!
    From the sounds of it, you are very strong and determined so I believe that you will find stability with this new job. It is very scary going from a salary to commission. I have a feeling you'll do just fine, though! :)

  8. Congrats on your new gig doll! It's always scary to take a leap, but I bet it will pay off. : )

  9. Hey Jenna. Great blog. Sounds like life is going well for you. It is always enjoyable, stressful and sometimes exciting being so busy.

    I am teaching right now and life certainly is busy.

    I enjoy that coffee post, great way to catch up with people. I don;t really drink coffee so I think I would order an Earl Grey tea. Although a new tea place opened up near my apartment and they have the best loose tea. My favourite is the Kenyan Tindaret but I recently discovered a Toasted Walnut Green tea. The best.

    Enjoy your week.

  10. So I wanted to let you know, my puppy is a Cockapoo with a stronger emphasis on the Cocker Spaniel. I don't know what that means, maybe the male was the cocker I don't know! but he has a silly little personality and is a total cuddle bug and is non shedding! He is really great (he has his bad moments too) I would recommend the breed to anyone!


  11. that's so awesome about your new job! congrats! life is all about risks, and the ones who take them tend to be the happiest people I've met :) I'm sure you'll end up loving it!

  12. Aww Congrats on the new job! Very exciting. Just found your blog- love it!


  13. It sounds like you have some exciting new adventures ahead! I hope your friend can make it out and see what you are experiencing. Thanks so much for stopping by One Busy Chick, I will continue to follow you and see how things go :)

  14. This is an exciting post, I just found your blog and it is great :)

  15. In 2006 I had the priviledge of going to West Africa on a mission trip where we help build a school and offered medical help out in a village that had no medical supplies.
    Thanks for the "coffee"

  16. CONGRATS Jen! I am so proud of you on making such a great decision! Where is the new job?

    Lesotho sounds exciting, I have never been! But we have just confirmed our trip to New York and Disney in a months time - we cannot wait!

  17. Hi Jenna, been reading your posts... simply love them.. :)


Thanks for the love!