16 March 2011

Guest Post at The Elephant's Trunk

Today I'm excited to be guest posting on South African wine over at Lauren's wonderful blog, The Elephant's Trunk.  Lauren has an awesome weekly feature called Winey Wednesdays and I'm so glad she allowed me to be a part of it!

Grab a nice glass of wine, hop on over and take a look!


  1. Good Post! I looovee wine! Okay I don't want to sound like a lush! lol

  2. oo how exciting! im going to head over and check it out now :) x

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  4. so awesome! i'll be sure to hope oever and read your feature! :)

  5. your blog is great-- South Africa, lucky you! I'm new to the world of blogging, please stop by!

  6. ohh yay!! heading over to check it out now!! :)

  7. lovelovelove that post (and a good red wine of course!)

    thanks for always stopping by and for your wonderful comments! :) you are such an adventurer! i know many people probably tell you this, but i've always wanted to visit South Africa. it seems like the day-to-day pace of life is slower and sweeter there!

    love your blog!
    xo. Christine

  8. Ohh! I wouldn't mind sipping a wine in front of the little lap top right now:-)Love your blog, and thanks for the hint:-)
    xx V

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