15 February 2011

Virtual Coffee

It’s Tuesday which means Virtual Coffee!  I’m going to keep this coffee date short and sweet because if we were really meeting for coffee we would be meeting over my lunch break which I shouldn’t really even be taking since I’m so swamped at work.

If we were really meeting for coffee I think I would order a venti Frappacino since I: 1) need the caffeine and, 2) would want something nice and cold since it is summer here and it’s hot outside J
If we were really having coffee I would probably firstly vent to you about how swamped my life is right now.  I have three assignments due tomorrow night in class, all of which need to be done tonight, which means an all nighter for me.  I feel like my goal of leading a more balanced life this year is slowly being sucked out the window... but I guess that is just part of grad school.  I would then ask you how it is going in your life, what you have been up to, if you are also swamped at work and/or with assignment deadlines, etc.
If we were really having coffee I would ask you about your Valentine’s Day.  I would tell you that mine was very enjoyable and that I did end up driving out to where Jurgen is attending the conference like I was contemplating doing in this post.  I would tell you that Jurgen (being the sweet boyfriend that he is) made dinner reservations at a delicious Portuguese restaurant as per the recommendation of the owner of the guest house where he is staying.  The recommendation turned out to be an excellent one as the food was amazing, the atmosphere was great and there was even live music.
I would tell you that the U2 Concert on Sunday was even more amazing and was hands-down the best concert I’ve ever been to and promise you that I will post-pictures tomorrow.  Oh, and I would also tell you that the train ride to the concert that I was worried about in this post turned out to be a lot of fun and was a blessing in disguise because we didn’t have to deal with all of the traffic that those who drove their own cars did.  I would tell you that I will also post photos of our little “train adventure” tomorrow night.  I would ask you if you did anything fun over the weekend or if you have any exciting plans coming up.
Well, my lunch break is almost over, but while we were waiting for the bill I would tell you that my Grandpa's recovery is going great and that he has now been transferred from USC to a Rehab Hospital closer to home.  I would thank you for all your prayers and well wishes and tell you that I have a feeling that he is going to feel like a new person in a few weeks from now.  I would brag on him and tell you how proud I am of his progress and that I can’t wait to see him over the Christmas holiday.
Well, it’s time for me to get back to work and I’m sure that you are also on your way to work or class or something else important.  But, before we went our separate ways I would make sure that you were up for coffee again next Tuesday so that I would be able to look forward to chatting with you again soon. J
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Lots of love,


  1. I love this! If we were having coffee, I would make you buy because it's my birthday! But I would also buy for you because your birthday was last week! I would tell you that I had an amazing weekend in Florida with my boyfriend and that it was just the most perfect weekend. I would tell you that I'm going to DC this weekend to visit some friends I haven't seen in ages and that I'm also super bogged down with grad school work and trying to find balance in my life and suggest that maybe we should find time in our lives for yoga =)

    Hope all is well!

  2. If you find balance, can you share how you did it? My Valentines Day was pretty much a non-event. *sigh* But I am glad to hear that yours was nice and sweet, as it should be. Also glad to hear your grandfather is doing better. I'm ordering another frappaccino to go!

  3. I have always wanted to see U2 in concert :) How fun!
    Hang in there... balance is such a tricky thing.

  4. Haha i know exactly what you mean about being swamped with work...I feel like I haven't slept in ages! Good thing there's coffee :)

  5. Having just finished 6 years' worth of grad school, I'll say "sympathies, my friend." I'm well familiar with the ol' all-nighter. That U2 concert sounds amazing and I'm very glad your grandfather is feeling better!

  6. can't wait to see pictures and hear more about u2. sounds like a fun valentine's day...thanks for coffee!

  7. hope you are surviving the week! i feel you on being so busy. stopping by from lucky number 13. i host tea on tuesday, too. feel free to join in sometime, too!


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