20 February 2011

I Suggest...

Leigh over at Very Loveleigh published a great post on three things (products) she couldn't live without.  I thought it was such a lovely idea and it got me thinking about the three things I use the most on a daily basis and thus couldn't live without. 

So here they are in no particular order:

1. L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Masque is my one, big monthly splurge item.  My hair always feels shoft and shiny after I use it, it helps combat the damage my straightner does and it smells like banana :)

2. My lifestyle has turned me into a complete coffee addict and for the longest time I bought cappucinos every morning on the way to work.  After awhile I started adding up how much that was costing me per month, and turns out it was about 20% of my monthly disposable income (yikes!)... so I invested in this Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 Coffee Maker and can now get my morning caffiene fix without having to break the bank :)

3. I think I've had these Isotone Slippers for about two years now and they're still going strong.  They are so comfy and have to admit that they can be found on my feet at just about any given time when I'm at home.  I got mine at Target, but I'm sure that other stores stock them as well.

What are your three things???

PS - If you do a post on three things that you couldn't live without and then leave Leigh a comment here telling her that you did, you will be entered into her fabulous giveaway to win a Tyler Candle Company Paris Perfumed Candle... just a suggestion ;)



  1. You are so sweet -- thank you for participating! I have to say, when I've added up how much money I've spent on coffee, it's given me a heart-attack! I'm definitely going to look into that hair masque too -- I use Moroccan Oil, but every bit helps! Especially in the nasty weather we've been having in Michigan.
    Best of luck on the giveaway!
    <3 leigh

  2. Ohhh this is a toughy.
    I would say my three are
    Vaseline- which I use to take of my eye makeup after the shower and as chapstick.
    My planner, because without it I am seriously lost.
    & hmm sadly my cellphone. Not only would I have no contact with anyone, I'd never wake up because its my alarm.

  3. Hmmm... this is something I will have to think about.

    visiting froms SITS

  4. I couldn't live without Diet Coke. I honestly gets me through my day. I would also be lost without my planner/Google calendar. And last but not least chapstick!

    Will you please send me your email?

  5. I couldn't live without Dr. Pepper. I am addicted.

    I can't really thing of 2 other things..

  6. Hmm this is really hard!

    I'd say...
    1. my favourite red lipstick - for looking good on a night out
    2. a good book
    3. my laptop - to update my blog and talk to friends from home :)

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :o)

    Hmm...three things I couldn't live without

    1. My computer (terrible, isn't it?)
    2. Moisturizer
    3. Sugar Free Redbull (is that worse than the computer??!)


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